10 Ways to Make Vegetables Taste Good: How to Start Eating Veggies!

How do you start eating veggies like these?

If the sight of a plateful of broccoli impels you restraint, this berth is for you!

We’ll turn any “Veggie Hater” into a” Vegetable Lover” by showing you how to make a plate full of light-greens not taste like a soggy gym sock [ 1 ].

If you’ve been a picky eater your entirety life( I didn’t eat veggies until 22 !), our navigate today will help level up your taste bud!

Wayne appreciates vegetables that taste good

We work closely with our Online Coaching Clients to help them experience their gateway vegetables, and I even picked our instructs’ mentalities to get their favorite tactics in this guide too.

Learn how to eat health without being lamentable! Our coaches are contributing to:

By the end of the present guidelines, I’m going to have you agitated to eat vegetables, and prepared to take the “NF Veggie Challenge” 😛 TAGEND

Why You Should Eat Vegetables( Your Mom Was Right ) How to Start Eating Vegetables( Finding Your Gateway Veggie ) How to Buy Vegetables( Discovering New Veggies ) 10 Ways to Make Vegetables Taste Good( Hide Them ) How to Start Liking Vegetables( It’s All in the Preparation ) What Are the Best-Tasting Vegetables?( the NF Veggie Challenge )

Why You Should Eat Vegetables

Stir Fry makes veggies tasty.

You’ve probably been told since you were a toddler to” Eat your veggies! They’re good for you .”

Do you really know WHY they’re good for you? Let me jump into a few reasons why veggies knock ass.

1) Vegetables are nutrient-dense. It is advisable to no bombshell that Popeye turned to a vegetable where reference is needed a power-up.

Popeye doesn't care how you eat spinach, just that you eat it!

Think of veggies as one of our body’s most efficient fuel beginnings: they are packed full of vital macro and micronutrients.

Just take a look at our article on how to eat healthful– it is desirable to no stun that veggies take up half the plate in our” healthy dish” strategy.

Simply positioned: vegetables form the backbone of any solid diet.

2) They replenish you up, without” load you up .”

Ever seen what 200 calories worth of broccoli looks like( kindnes of WiseGeek )?

A pic of 200 calories of broccoli

It’s the size of a grocery crate compared to 200 calories of a Snickers 😛 TAGEND

A pic of 200 calories of snickers.

If you are feeling hungry but don’t want to overeat, choose a vegetable.

Kind of hard to overeat when you’re eating carrots or celery!

3) Veggies keep your body operating at max efficiency. Vegetables “re a great” acces to keep your…um…indoor plumbing…functioning properly.

Adding a vegetable or two to each banquet( or blending them up in a smoothie) is a great way to keep things wreaking right.

Seriously: you will notice a considerable difference after lending veggies to your diet regularly.

4) They CAN be luscious! It’s all in how they are prepared. As a former veggie hater, I am now securely on” Team Vegetable .”

I'm now firmly on team vegetable!

A plate full of veggies be applicable to draw me want to gag, and now I’m exhilarated at the relevant recommendations of a sheet should be included in a cornucopia( what a great word, right ?) of multicolored fresh fruits and veggies.

” Ok, Steve, I know veggies are good for me, but I simply don’t like them. HALP !”

Here’s how you can get over your vegetable-aversion and get started.

How to Start Eating Vegetables: Finding Your Gateway Veggie

Carrots can be made to be tasty.

When I was 22 I proudly proclaimed that I was mostly ” carnivore” and boycotted veggies.

Essentially, I eat things like chicken, burgers, pizza, pasta, french fries, rice, and not much else.

In my head, all veggies were outraging, but the reality was that I hadn’t really tried many.

Even Will Ferrell thinks I was an idiot for not eating vegetables

Don’t be like me.

We’re going to stop saying ” I don’t like veggies !”

Instead, we’ll say:” I haven’t found a vegetable that I LIKE…yet .”

HOW I FOUND MY GATEWAY VEGETABLE: I started using ” 20 Seconds of Courage “ to try a brand-new vegetable whenever the stakes is relatively low, even if it was a TINY amount 😛 TAGEND

I is entered into any brand-new vegetable suffer with an open intellect and positive mindset. Trying any vegetable was considered a victory, even if it was a tiny amount and I disliked it. If I went out to dinner with friends, I would ask to try a veggie from their layers. Restaurant organized veggies were my best chance to find one I liked!

ask to eat veggies from your friends plate!

MISSION# 1: Commit to try and find your gateway vegetable.

Before any new vegetable know-how, clear your imagination, Neo.

Instead of ALREADY expecting to hate it, alter your mindset.

Instead of “This is gonna be gross,” I said, “Let’s see!”

If you’re out to dinner with family and you construe a veggie you want to try on your significant other’s plate, ask and try a small bite!

Want to try and prepare a new vegetable at home? See the next section.

What if you try a vegetable and it manufactures you gag? Who helps! You found a veggie you don’t like. I’m proud of you for TRYING it. On to the next one!

My gateway vegetable: Asparagus.

Even Ace Ventura loves Asparagus

After trying some bacon-wrapped asparagus while out at a fancy steak dinner, I realized” hey, “its one” vegetable that actually doesn’t taste horrible !”

Of course, it didn’t hurt that it was literally WRAPPED IN BACON!

Next, I tried crunchy asparagus without the bacon wrapping, and it remains savory to me.

And thus, I had discovered my gateway vegetable.

For my first time as an omnivore, asparagus was the only vegetable I ate.

Once I had come over the mental block that” all vegetables are egregious ,” it was time to branch out and recur the process with other vegetables.

Let’s do the same for you.

How to BUY Vegetables. How to Discover New Vegetables.

How do you buy vegetables?

First and foremost, buying veggies can be daunting 😛 TAGEND

How can I tell if a vegetable is fresh or not? How long can I leave the vegetable in my fridge before it becomes bad? Which ones should I buy?

For starters, here are just some of the veggies that are Nerd Fitness approved.

MISSION# 2: Pick ONE of these 25 vegetables and making it residence with you.

Who attentions if you don’t know how to cook it hitherto. Pick one, and raising it dwelling. Baby steps!

broccoli collard greens kale romaine lettuce spinach artichokes asparagus beets brussels sprout clam cauliflower celery cucumbers eggplant green spices mushrooms okra onions zucchini acorn squash butternut squash carrot red peppers green spices bok choy

NOTE: we’re not counting tubers( potatoes and sugared potatoes, legumes( nuts ), or corn.

Those foods do have a place on our healthful sheet , but today is all bout receive low-calorie, high-energy leafy vegetables.

If your meal plate looks like this, you're doing great!

1) PICK A FRESH VEGETABLE: Use this wonderful guide on how to select fresh and lusciou veggies at the food market.

Picking out fresh vegetables can help vegetables taste food

Don’t overthink this or panic: you’re most likely than not going to pick out good veggies( added you’re going to a reputable grocery store ), but having a bit of confidence in what you’re doing can help too.

Here are a few examples of what to look for:

Asparagus: Choose firm, smooth, and brightly-colored stalks with compact tips-off. Avoid limp stalkings. Choose stalks of equal thickness to ensure even cooking occasions. Broccoli: Choose broccoli with conglomerate stalkings, tighten florets, and crisp light-green needles. Avoid yellowed or growing florets. Brussels Sprouts: Choose firm, compact, shining lettuce intelligences. Avoid buds with wilted or loose outer leaves.

Noticing a trend? You miss FIRM vegetables , not sodden or squishy ones. Precisely getting started, and look for the veggies that seem healthful to you. You can always get better at judging vegetable caliber later.

2) CONSIDER PRE-CUT VEGGIES: If you’re worried about picking out fresh veggies- I know this can be intimidating- look into buying pre-cut bags of veggies! I personally adoration buying pre-cut broccoli and cauliflower, and bags of Brussels sprouts.

These are generally on the wall next to the fresh veggies, and might cost slightly more than the create you pocket up yourself.

That’s because a great deal of the work is DONE FOR YOU!

I’m all for anything that increases the number of steps between you and” veggies in your potbelly :”

precut veggies are a win win win


Once you’ve purchase your veggies, use StillTasty.com, to figure out how long you can leave them in your fridge 😛 TAGEND

You have 3-5 days with fresh broccoli before it goes bad. you have 3-5 days with brussels sprouts before they go bad.

Generally speaking, you’ll be good if you cook a vegetable within 3 days of imparting it residence: you can batch cook large quantities and then you’ll have MANY more eras before the menu moves bad.

If you’re NOT sure if you can still cook a veggie, or if it’s gone bad…give it a aroma. If it reeks funky, or you’re not quite sure…

Here’s a decision my mom schooled me when I started cooking for myself:” When in doubt, jettison it out .”

Next time, only cook it sooner!

I can tell you eating rotten vegetables is NOT the path to liking them more.

4) CONSIDER FROZEN VEGETABLES: I always have numerous bags of frozen spinach on hand in my freezer, but it’s not because I prepare spinach regularly- I conceal frozen spinach in my daily smoothies and I can’t even perceive it!

In addition to frozen spinach, I too keep a few bags of microwaveable frozen veggies on hand more in case I need to quickly add a veggie to my healthful illustration but don’t want to actually cook a vegetable.

I’m a huge fan of “steamfresh” baggages or same because preparing them is easy as inferno: Try frozen steamfresh veggies if you can't buy freshMost of these only require you throwing the suitcase into the microwave, opening it, and putting it on your plate.

5) Check out canned veggies!

They might not be as fresh as regular veggies, and there might be preservatives added to keep them from croaking bad, but I’d prefer you trying out canned vegetables to no vegetables at all!

Popeye snacks canned spinach and he turned out okay.

Honestly, I don’t care WHICH itinerary you pick, or which vegetable you pick…as long you commit to picking one and creating it home with you from the grocery store.

1 0 Ways to Make Vegetables Taste Good

Shepherd Pie is a great way to hide vegetables.

Even if you’re committed to trying more veggies( and I’m proud of you for that ), it was better might not solve the problem that you shun the smell or texture.

This is the problem we encounter with many of our Online Coaching Clients: they are committed to eating veggies, but they’re struggling with taste and texture.

Fortunately, we have a TEAM of Coaches with dozens of success tales from their clients who have learned to like vegetables with some deft tactics 😛 TAGEND

Essentially, it comes down to” secrete them, blend them, pair them, or cover them !”

Here are our Coaching Staff’s 8 Favorite Ways to Compile Vegetables Taste Good 😛 TAGEND

1) Change their state! I don’t experience raw broccoli nearly as much as I do steamed broccoli.

And that’s not even it’s final shape! Give me a illustration full of roasted broccoli should be included in” Everything but the Bagel” seasoning from Trader Joes, and it’s Veggie Valhalla.

A gopher with veggies gif

If you don’t like a particular vegetable yet, try training it a different way! From raw to steamed to baked to grilled to sauteed in bacon grease( visualize# 4) to blended, you have so many options!

2) Blend them up! Add frozen spinach or kale to your protein shake smoothies. This is my personal favorite, and is part of the reason I get so many servings of veggies every day.

Here’s my post-strength training workout smoothie 😛 TAGEND

12 oz of spray. 2 dollops of whey protein. 1/2 cup of Quaker Oats. 1 cup of frozen mixed berries. 1 bowl of frozen spinach.

Believe it or not, including frozen spinach( or kale) doesn’t really mutate the delicacy AND you can get an extra serving of veggies without trying.

That’s one additional daily helping of a super veggie!

3) Make a combo burn with a menu you like: If you can learn to cook something like chicken stir fry, you can make sure that every vegetable bite also has plenty of rice and chicken.

You can do the same if you spawn mini potatoes, chicken, and broccoli. Get some of each on the crotch with each bite for a really healthy plate!

A healthy plate can give you a chance to mix and match veggies with a food you love.

Then, over meter you can reduce the amounts of the other foods and increase the amount of the vegetable until you actually enjoy the taste of JUST the vegetable!

Here are some ideas to try to squeeze in some additional veggies with every mouthful of nutrient 😛 TAGEND

a single broccoli crown and a big chunk of chicken. a clump of grilled onions and chicken. rice, a wedge of zucchini, and steak. a slice of asparagus, and salmon. a wedge of sweet potato and spices. steak, onions, and pineapple.

4) Cover them in cheese! As we cover in our” healthy eating” leader, we have no problem with cheese in your food, rendered you’re withhold your calorie intake in line with your daily calorie energy expenditure!

If you want to sprinkle Parmesan cheese on some broccoli florets, go for it!

You can also soften some cheese onto your veggies!

A gif of Elijah Wood with cheese on his veggies

Like anything you eat, exactly make sure you account for those calories in your planning!

5) Wrap it in bacon. Gravely. Bacon concludes everything better.

Want to learn to like asparagus? Wrap it in bacon( see# 5 )!

Here’s another enormous nature to eat some veggies compute bacon( politenes of Team NF Coach Staci ):

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A affix said that he shared Staci Ardison (@ staciardison ) on Jul 17, 2019 at 10:32 am PDT

6) Spice it up! You don’t need to simply gobble plain boring broccoli and steamed asparagus. Try adding some spices or sizzling sauce to your menus to change the taste.

Here are some of our favorites 😛 TAGEND

Steamed cauliflower covered in Old Bay seasoning, dipped in concoction sauce. Northwoods seasoning by Penzeys on baked or grilled veggies. “Everything but the bagel” seasoning on baked or grilled veggies. Olive petroleum, salt and pepper. A classic that never flunks.

Here’s our guide to Spice Up Any Meal . Literally, for more.

7) Pretend they are other foods! There are lots of options like this 😛 TAGEND

Try zucchini pates: you might need to buy a “zoodle” machine, but son these are lusciou when mingled with other extraordinary meat. Learn to conclude “Paleo spaghetti” with spaghetti squash! Read our full guide on how to prepare paleo spaghetti, and thanks for coming later. Shape carrot “fries.” Cut some carrots into fry determines, toss them in olive oil, put them on a baking sheet, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and roasted them in the oven at 450 severities F( 230 magnitudes C) for 10 times. Tada! Buy” cauliflower rice” or” mashed cauliflower .” With butter and salt, and on a plate with the freedom menus, cauliflower can smack like rice or mush potatoes.

8) Dunk them! Who needs chips? Pssh. You can dunk broccoli florets, cauliflower florets, or carrot lodges in hummus or guacamole.

Avocado makes vegetables taste better

Think of the vegetable as the transmission vehicle for your favorite dunking nutrient!

9) Add small amounts of spinach, chard, or kale to your homemade chili or guacamole. You won’t notice the difference in the preference, and you’re sidle extra vegetables into your meals.

Mixing vegetables into your other foods is clever

I know a coaching client who got started with vegetables by adding them to low carb soups and his homemade chili.

10) Douse them in something you do adore. Whether it’s ranch robe, blue cheese, buffalo sauce, or any other sauce or spice you enjoy, dunk those veggies and get those commons in your system!

Sure, If the sauce you’re using is certainly high-pitched calorie then this isn’t a long-term approach, but we can work on that.

For now, we’re building the attire of feeing veggies. Use less sauce each week moving forward.

You can also consider lower-calorie gowns, sauces, and dips to spice things up. And you can never go wrong with sizzling sauce.

Hot Sauce gif makes vegetables taste good

All of the above precedents attain the same objective 😛 TAGEND

Getting more vegetables into your system.

This represents your tummy fortunate, your father happy, and Popeye happy.

Want to work hand-in-hand( virtually) with a coach that will actually get you to eat your vegetables?

Need a brainstorm partner to find smart ways to” Trojan Horse” some veggies into your tummy?

Vegetables don’t need to appetite bad! Work with a instruct to fix your nutrition without hate life:

How to Start Liking Vegetables( It’s All in the Preparation)

A healthy plate can give you a chance to mix and match veggies with a food you love.

” Okay Steve, precisely give me some options and tell me what to do !”


Here are some easy and luscious options for getting started with your first vegetable 😛 TAGEND

# 1) Steamed broccoli

Level 1: Steamfresh suitcase in the microwave: Steamfresh veggies come in a box that you can throw in the microwave for five minutes, add flavouring, and that’s it.

Add butter or any flavouring like salt and pepper, and eat it with a protein for a healthy meal!

A microwave is all you need to cook veggies. Level 2: Steam broccoli yourself in the microwave 😛 TAGEND

Plop those florets( the “tree” minus the “trunk”) in a microwave-safe bowl with a few tablespoons of water Encompas with a microwave-safe lid or dish Concoct for 3-4 minutes. If the broccoli isn’t soft and heated, placed it back in for a minute or two

Level 3: Steam broccoli on the stave 😛 TAGEND

Plop about a 1/2 bowl of sea in the bottom of a potty Separating the broccoli florets from the stanch Plunk them in the spray and cook over medium hot for 10 -1 five minutes

2) Roasted veggies. Employment with buzzer seasonings, asparagus, carrots, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, Brussels buds, etc:

Roasted veggies can taste quite different from steamed and fresh veggies( they get crispier and a little sweeter because they caramelize in the oven ).

Take your pick of vegetable 😛 TAGEND

Brussel Sprouts can be made quite tasty.

And make cooked veggies 😛 TAGEND

Cut them up literally nonetheless you require( bite-sized pieces is best ). Drizzle/toss them toss in olive oil, disperse salt and pepper. Apply them on a foil-lined pan in the oven at 400 units F( 200 positions C) for 20 -3 0 minutes. Previously they look like they’re cooked( a deeper dye and slightly brownish rims ), make them out of the oven. Write down how long they were in for, and eat them!

Don’t overthink this: You can use more olive oil or use less. You can be utilized more salt or implement less. You can leave them in there a few minutes longer. Just chipped them up, drizzle, and plunk them in!

Here’s my recipe for stupidly simple ribbed asparagus 😛 TAGEND

Asparagus is easy to grill.

Put them on a cookie expanse strung with aluminum foil. Sprinkle each asparagus stubble in olive oil. Scatter salt and pepper on them. Stick them in the oven at 375 severities F for 12 times.

DONE. Crunchy, luscious, and nutritious.

Plus, I felt like a 5-star chef!

I felt like a chef by making vegetables taste good

# 3) Sauteed Vegetables: Cooked on the stovetop! Simple, delicious.

Zucchini and squash both feeling enormou with just a little oil and salt, and are super easy to brace.

Squash is really easy to cook.

You can choose to 😛 TAGEND

Slice them up into slivers Use a potato peeler to create noodle-like slivers .

Throw the wedges into a pan with some olive oil on medium-high heat for about five minutes until they become soft and lighter in dye.

All of these options can be paired with mostly any protein for a delicious and healthy meal( or feed as a healthy, stand-alone snack !).

If you attempt to cook a vegetable and burn them to a crispy and “fail,” I’ll still be proud of you. We all suction at trash the first time, so the sooner we get those first few aims out the action, we can get to” not sucky ,” and then…

One day…

We’ll actually get pretty good at preparing veggies!

What are the Best Tasting Vegetables?( The NF Veggie Challenge)

This rabbit loves his vegetables.

“Steve! What are the best-tasting vegetables !? ”

Great question.

You’re a unique snowflake, and so are your tastebuds.

You are a unique snowflake and need a unique workout

They will evolve and reform as you derive and vary.

So the best advice I can give you is to try lots of veggies, prepared lots of different ways.

Microwaved Brussels buds might be soggy and unappetizing, but take the same veggie, cooked in bacon flab and cooked in the oven?


So try multiple veggies, in numerou rooms, as part of multiple meals. Keep trying until you find a variance you like!

A final document: the quality of gobbling more vegetables is to fill your plateful with low-calorie but nutrient-dense food.

If you’re still overwhelmed at the thought of eating veggies, or you’ve always struggled to stick to a diet for any meaningful amount of season, you are NOT alone.

It’s why we’ve created three key assistances that help people lose weight, get stronger, and live better 😛 TAGEND

# 1) Our 1-on-1 Online Coaching Program: Get personalized nutrition opinion that won’t “re scared” and handcrafted exercisings from a coach-and-four that gets to know you. We’ve heard” this program is the first time I’ve ever been 100% honest with another human being about my skirmishes with food .”

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Our Coaching curriculum modifies lives. Learn how here!

# 2) Nerd Fitness Prime: Need lots of recipes to choose from? Want someone to walk you through cooking them? Join Nerd Fitness Prime!

Nerd Fitness Prime is our premium membership program that contains workouts and cooking years with NF Coaches, instructions on how to cook, tons of healthy recipes, a caring online community, group challenges, and much more!

Learn more about Nerd Fitness Prime!

# 3) Join the Nerd Fitness Rebellion!

We have a free email newsletter that we send out twice per week, full of tips and stunts enabling you to get healthy, get strong, and have fun doing so.

I’ll likewise send you tons of free guides that you can use to start leveling up their own lives extremely 😛 TAGEND Download our free weight loss guideTHE NERD FITNESS DIET: 10 Stages to Change Your Life

Follow our 10 -level nutrition system at your own pace

What you need to know about weight loss and healthy eating

3 Simple settles we follow every day to stay on target

NOW, Are you up for the Nerd Fitness Veggie Challenge?

For the next four weeks, I crave you to try ONE new vegetable each week 😛 TAGEND

Use 20 seconds of heroism to try a brand-new vegetable as a place when you go out to dinner. Buy a new vegetable at the grocery store and learn to prepare it. Add vegetables discreetly to your favorite banquets( mix in with your smoothies, is in addition to your omelets, etc .). Learn to formulate compounds for a vegetable in a new way. Whether it’s roasting them in the oven or grilling them on the bbq, try a different way to prepare a vegetable and rank up your prepare knowledge.

Leave a comment and tell us know!

We’d love to hear from you 😛 TAGEND

If you detest vegetables, what are you taking away from today’s post?

Do you have a clever way to get more vegetables into your diet? Share please!

What’s keeping you from starting to eat vegetables, and how can we help?


PS: Make sure you read the rest of our health eating content!

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Footnotes( returns to textbook)

Please don’t ask “Steve, how do you know what a humid gym sock smacks like? ”

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