11 Amazing Reasons to Start a Blog for Fun and Profit

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Blogging began its life as a type of online journalism but changes to the Google Search algorithm as well as the need to share content across social pulpits means you need to start a blog as an indispensable tool for your business. As you can see in the graphic above, the correlation between blog posts and gaining new patrons is strong. As an individual, you find almost every man and his pup has a blog these days, and people love to share their lives, loves, and passions in life with this long-form content.

If you are stuck in lockdown at the moment and need a new pastime to keep you busy or want to position your business to take off once the economy goes back to regular- start a blog to add value to your free time. Not sure if a blog is claim for you? Now are some reasons.

What is a blog?

As mentioned, blogs( short for weblog) originated as journalism sites or be exploited by hobbyists as an online scaffold to discuss their passions. Companionships soon recognized they needed a blog attached to their main website to drive traffic to their website and caste themselves as professionals in their niche. For instance, King Arthur Baking, a small flour company, exploded their business by starting a blog sharing recipes and other information to help bakers.

“Nowadays, a blog is a regularly updated website or web page and can either be used for personal utilize or to fulfill a business need” according to Hubspot. Hence, the distinction between a website and blog blurred over the years since the first one being issued in 1997.

Why you should start a blog 1. It’s easy

Starting a website is not as hard as you might think, and in fact, you can easily put together a blog or other website in an afternoon. To build a website, all you need is a free account with Wix or WordPress, a domain name, some personas to represent your blog, and some content that you’ll expand over epoch. Unfortunately, selecting Wix, Squarespace, or another free scaffold comes at a significant cost in lost traffic opportunities, so I don’t recommend those scaffolds unless you really want a pastime. Plus, getting the sound and feel you want with these free pulpits is challenging.

If you want to turn your blog into a revenue stream or use the content to boost visits to your e-commerce site, you really need a self-hosted blog( website ), which penalties around $100 per year, although you can spend much more depending on the functionality and carry-on you crave. Sure, you can pay someone to create a website for you, starting at around $1000, but content management systems( CMS) and themes mean that nearly everyone can craft their own website without writing a line of code. In fact, I initiated a steer that steps you through the actions needed to start a blog with tons of screenshots to help you along the way.

2. It’s good for your mental health

Writing is great for your mental health issues. When affix at home for numerous months on end, you can go stir crazy and life can feel as if it is swallowing you up. A blog allows you to escape into your own little world for a while, which is relaxing and equips a sense of catharsis. Writing is a way to express yourself, and when you pour out your nerve into an commodity on your blog it face-lift the heavines from your shoulders and helps you feel better.

3. A blog is a imaginative shop

One of the best things about blogging is you have an outlet for your clevernes. Blogging is a great tool for innovative people who want a place to jot down their doctrines. You can fill your blog with anything that wishes to, and it allows you to be as artistic as you like every day.

But, more than simply an store for your inventive projects, a blog/ website promotes your innovative struggles. For speciman, members of my Indie scribes radical have blogs to engage books in support of their marketings. If “youve had” definite inventive makes, consider the benefits when you start a blog even if you actually sell commodities through Etsy. We’ll talk about that more below.

4. There is a lack of governs

When you start a blog you are able to expect regulates govern “what youre saying”, but that isn’t the lawsuit. Every blog is unique to its owner, and this means you choose what you share with the world. There are no rules and you resolve what to say, even coalescing poles from several niche areas. Make your blog as specific or differed as you want.

5. Talk about your angers

Have you ever started to ramble on about something you enjoy and participated a area full of bored faces gazing back at you? Yepp, us too. Sadly, family and friends don’t always understand or share your interests. Because of this, you might feel as if you have no place to share your feelings. Nonetheless, a blog is an ideal place to share your furies and connect with an public around the world who share the same angers as you. It is a breath of fresh air to share the things you love with those who want to listen to what you have to say and share their own take on the subject.

6. You create an online community

Talking about people in the world- improving a blog is an amazing way to connect with people and construct your own little parish. When beings speak your blog and talk to you about the topics you cover, you feel a real sense of achievement and pride.

Once you organized an online community, you can discuss things that are important to you and you can even discuss issues that are close to your mettle. Your blog procreates a programme for other members to join the conversation, render mutual support and unique ideas related to the topics you cover.

7. You can show off your photography abilities

Taking pictures is a real art form, and when you start a blog you can really show off this talent, even making money from tribes who want to buy your photos. As mentioned earlier, even if your blog isn’t an e-commerce site, use your blog to build an locked parish around your art to support marketings on Etsy or the other platform.

Blog images are often stunning, especially as screens develop better display capabilities, such as retina exhibitions. Want to develop your photography abilities? There are lots of photography courses online designed to help you take and edit your word-paintings, plus bloggers who share their tricks of the trade.

8. You’ll learn how to write

You don’t have to be a professional writer to start a blog, in fact, most people aren’t. As long as you have a head full of ideas and a place to put them; you can start a blog anytime and anywhere. The simple behave of writing this report improves your talent and the more you write, the more you hone that talent. You can use apps such as Grammarly to check your work for grammar and spelling mistakes, which also helps improve your writing.

9. You can make money

One of the most enticing reasonableness to start a blog is the opportunity to monetize your blog through advertise, affiliate commerce, or e-commerce. Affiliate marketing is a huge part of blogging, and it offers huge potential to make money from your writing.

To use affiliate marketing, you must sign up for affiliate programs related to your content. Once acquired, you get unique links to share on your blog, in email market, and through social media. Each period you make a sale from someone clicking on your relation, you get paid based on the settle organization of the particular brand. Costs of $100 or more per sale aren’t abnormal, especially for high-value products.

Don’t know how to use affiliate marketing? Take an affiliate commerce training course online to learn the tricks of the trade and start constructing real coin this year as a blogger.

10. You match new people

If you are an outgoing soul who loves being around parties, blogging offers opportunities to meet lots of new tribes. Soon, you’ll get invited to events and apportion displays as a blogger and this allows you to meet other pioneers, photographers, and symbol reps. It’s too a good way for you to get to know others and have fun!

11. You’re open to opportunities

Blogging determineds you up for new opportunities. From being invited to a concoction opening to the opening day of a eatery, you’ll find new opportunities as an influencer. I received everything from VIP tickets to NFL activities to all-expense-paid expeditions to useds as incentives to share my experiences with my community.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your keyboard and start writing today!

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