2021 Free Agency and Trade Discussion (Latest: S.Barrett)

2021 Free Agency and Trade Discussion( Latest: S.Barrett) Aaron Schatz 14 Mar 2021, 01:35 pm

Kenny Golladay

This is our annual open yarn to discuss all the free agent movement, transactions, reductions, and other news for the first few days of free organization, commencing with the “legal tampering period” that begins at noon Eastern on March 15.


Green Bay re-signs RB Aaron Jones for 4 years, $48 million with $13 million indicating bonus.

Houston business LB Benardrick McKinney to Miami for ER Shaq Lawson.

New England transactions OT Marcus Cannon to Houston for pick exchanges in three different rounds of the 2021 enlist.


Baltimore signeds G Kevin Zeitler for 3 years, $22.5 million.

San Francisco re-signs FB Kyle Juszczyk for 5 years, $27 million.


Arizona re-signs ER Markus Golden for two years,$ 9 million.

Detroit re-signs ER Romeo Okwara for three years, $39 million.

Tampa Bay re-signs ER Shaq Barrett for four years, $72 million with $36 million fully guaranteed.


Texans Benardrick McKinney for Dolphins Shaq Lawson

and late round select swaps.

Thought Shaq Lawson was worth more than that.


This one makes at least a …

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This one makes at least a bit of appreciation, with Houston changing programmes and Miami needing a tackle-eating off-ball LB. The one I don’t get is the Marcus Cannon trade. That’s something you do when you’re a marry slice away from a Super Bowl run. The Texans are…not that.


I have ordeal rooting …

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I have experience rooting for a squad that was recently( like the Texans are doing now) on the Faux Patriots team-building approach. Now are the steps 😛 TAGEND

Step 1: Alienate your best players.

Step 2: Trade for, or indicate ex-Patriots musicians. Made to ensure that you overpay for them in free agency, or that the most appropriate times are behind them.

Step 3: ????

Step 4: Super Bowl


Feel like they should’ve exactly stuck with KVN

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But I guess he’s more edge.

Just visualized the Cannon trade. Doesnt make sense. For Houston, do they not know they’re bad( and was just about to get worse )?



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McKinney is a pretty good LB if health. Age wise and health wise, Houston probably got the better end of the distribute. I suspect this signals Miami won’t take a LB with that second first round picking. With their cheap pick up of a T very, Miami’s draft preferences are really up in the air.



GB demonstrates a RB big money. Jones 4/48 m


It’s a Dallas-type move and puzzling .

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A notoriously avariciou right overpays for a RB in an period where RB’s are fungible. I don’t understand it given the team’s needs elsewhere.

Another WR, defensive assistance or O-line help?

This move came out of nowhere and I can’t help but harken back to those GB whispers that JJ Watt was out of their premium scope. Well, that doesn’t procreate much appreciation with this signing, does it?


Packers re-sign Aaron Jones …

Packers re-sign Aaron Jones. 4 years, 48 mil but simply 13 mil guaranteed.

Interested to see how they’re meet the ceiling space for this, I thought he was a goner. Either they’re kicking the can down the road with the contract organization, they’ve once got a commitment for an extension with Davante Adams, or a significant restructure of Rodgers’ contract.


Tom Silverstein suspects the …

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Tom Silverstein believes the significant restructuring will come on Za’darius Smith’s contract. Said on Twitter he thinks it will happen in the next day or so.

If they can give Davante more( a total no-brainer) that can give them some cash to play with in FA but otherwise they’re probably limited to their draft collects and in-house development.


Didn’t see that at first . …

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Didn’t see that at first. 13 mil guaranteed seems a lot better. However, the best case scenario is that he continues to be good….but then the Packers are still exploiting a ton of cap space on a running back.


The 13 m is only the signing bonus

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Don’t know of anymore guaranteed coin.


The only other guaranteed …

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The only other guaranteed fund would be base salary/ bonuses this year. Which I’m sure they’re looking to minimize given the cap situation


Which would still propagandize it over 13 m

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When the dealership call was 8.655 m. Idk how Jones will age


If they franchise call him …

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If they franchise tag him they make that full strike to the cap this year. Don’t think that’s worth it in their gazes. This practice, the guaranteed money is spread across 4 years. His cap thumped this year is likely to be lower than the dealership tag


Of course .

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The signing bonus is spread out 3.25 m each year stirring it harder to move on each year when we know RB lifespans aren’t long. Currency spurt will be completed 13 m regardless of when they move on as this year is essentially guaranteed. May save a few cases bucks this year at the cost of future opening at the least valuable( offensive) rank. This was the chance to save money instead of virtually relying on the draft to fill CB2, etc.


If they’re going to pay …

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If they’re going to pay Jones, I’d rather they did it this style than repeated dealership labels. Limited cap reaches in the present and presuming the cap gets back to ordinary in future then the cost is fairly tolerable. It’s a more team-friendly contract then any of the stars RBs so far.

But to be honest I’m surprised they ratified him at all. Thought they’d move on from him. It was probably the smarter move. I suspect given the limited skill talent outside of Adams they were reluctant to let a superstar musician get away.


No one said anything about repeated calls .

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That’d be asinine. But it’s not as “good”( they’re all bad) as the younger Joe Mixons. Cap going up again doesn’t matter too much since it often goes up( aka didn’t stop the Rams from chipping Gurley, etc ).

There’s such a wide gap between Adams value Jones due to position skills and abilities. But hey , not that anyone was telling them to draft a WR or anything last year. Dont know if that’s a good reason to lock into a RB. I believe if your QB is on a rookie contract like Burrow( still not really though ). Which I guess the Packers have…but they also have Rodgers. Oof. I guess it’s not CMC money? Hooray?


Mixon’s was slightly more …

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Mixon’s was slightly more team friendly but he’s too not as good as Jones. Overall, I don’t dislike it. Teams return more than $ 13 million to way way worse players than Aaron Jones. Blake Martinez went $19 mil guaranteed just last year, for crying out loud. Not saying WR is the same value, I’m saying they looked at the roster, recognized if they lost Jones they’d have a single established science player importance hanging a hat on, and decided to pay a tolerable amount to keep him.

I think this plus the other restructures signals that they are going all-in on 2021. They’ll extend Adams, restructure Smith, and end up with a little cap space to sign draft collects and perhaps a ex-serviceman angle. I think they’re trying to avoid restructuring Rodgers because of the signal that would send about Jordan Love’s future.


LB is more valuable than RB

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And Blake get

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