5 steps to conquer your continence with talkhealth

World Continence Week is an annual health campaign organised by WFIPP( World Federation of Incontinence and Pelvic Problems)and globally backed by ICS( International Continence Society ). Running from 21- 27 June, the awareness campaign aims to overcome the unnecessary stigma enclose continence and highlighting the effects that urinary incontinence has on the three million people in the UK that live with it.

1 in 8 of us are affected by an overactive bladder whilst other beings leak when they laugh or sneeze, suffer sleepless darkness because of needing to pee and have difficulty passing when they do go to the toilet. Despite the prodigious number of people living with continence states, gossips about what happens when we can, or can’t, get to the toilet on time aren’t happening enough.

This World Continence Week, we want to make sure that talkhealth representatives is not solely forearmed with top-notch knowledge about continence but are also welcome to live a fulfilling life-time despite living with incontinence. We have rounded up some of the best occasions, sections and support programmes that all aim to help you to beat bad bladder health…

THIS FRIDAY: Bladder health coffee morning with CliniMed

On Friday( 25 June) at 11:00, Sue Hinton will be joining this month’s professional chocolate morning to share her knowledge on all things bladder health. This is your opportunity to pick the brains of a bladder professional for tips and stunts for how to steer lifetime with bladder subjects of concern and ask the questions you can’t ask your doctor.

Clinical Nurse Advisor, Sue Hinton, is now working as a specialised Stoma Care and Continence nurse for over 20 years.

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Take see of menopausal incontinence with iD Light Advanced pads

Urinary incontinence is often caused by pressure on the muscles that used in order to place or pass urine and the strength of your pelvic floor. Hormonal modifies throughout your life can affect the direction these muscles manipulate, that’s why dames suffering menopause are often more prone to leaking.

Have you started to experience flare to moderate incontinence? iD Light Advanced pads for women offer discreet terms of protecting pains caused by bladder weakness. Kind to the skin, thanks to its breathable and cotton-like fabrics, the make is dermatologically measured and latex-free!

If you wish to receive a free test of iD Light Advanced pads, all you have to do is sign up for the mymenopause support programme!

Find your excellent continence make with talkhealth evaluations

id pads product review

Finding the claim health commodities to aid a more pleasant being with continence products is very hard. From pads to catheters, everyone’s incontinence is different so their concoctions should be too!

You can fix the right decision today thanks to our trusty review panel who have given a range of incontinence pads, throbs and catheters.

Read the reviews today to find your perfect state product !

Come with us to Coloplast’s upcoming webinar about expedition and ISC!

coloplast bladder webinar

Thursday 8 July- 17:00

Packing for a junket without any anxieties should be something that everyone can do, but, when you live with a chronic bladder problem it can be difficult! Whether you struggle to stick to your catheterization routine when you’re away or your equipment is causing you problems going through security, Coloplast is here to streamline your passage. Sign up for the webinar today to learn how to best plan for travel with ISC! Coloplast’s bladder nanny specialist Hannah Deguara will provide handy gratuities and gimmicks for hurtling with ISC. From sharing what you may need to do to prepare for travel to how to mater catheterization out of the house.

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We are constantly working to keep you up-to-date and in the know about your health in the articles section of our website, and bladder health is never neglected. Whether you want to learn more about UTIs, need some professional corroborate or you missed our professional chocolate morning with Bladder Health UK, all you need to do is click on the links below to read more!

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