9 Things Your Face Reveals About Your Health

Speaking face-to-face is a well-known practice of communication. But inspecting person in the eyes also works to identify clues of health publications.

A healthful and young appearance is usually linked with good health. So, we sometimes fall into the temptation of denouncing our senility and stress for the punishment indications, brittle tacks, or hair loss, when, actually, these things can be signeds of health matters. Did you know that?

Here on the channel, we already talked about body aromas, facial acne, and the half-moon in your hammers and how all these things might be health topics.

See which symptoms you should pay attention to:

0:00 What Does Your Face Say About Your Health

0:48 Facial flushing
Flushed cheeks aren’t always a signal of shyness. Facial flushing and acne lesions are common symptoms of rosacea, a chronic disease of the skin.

1:10 Changes in the skin color around the mouth
Grayish skin on the nasolabial triangle can indicate a lack of oxygen in the blood.

1:32 Swollen face and eyes
Facial edema and swollen looks, combined with dry skin and brittle hair are some of the external evidences of lack of iodine.

2:00 Facial asymmetry
A sudden change in the equality of your face, lacrimation, tingling in the muscles, and cool hearts might demonstrate Bell’s palsy.

2:35 Receding chin
When working in partnership with a large neck and big mandible, it might be a sign of sleep apnea, a disease where the breathing is interrupted by ten or more seconds during sleep.

2:53 Excessive facial hair
Undesired facial hair on brides, especially on the jawline, might be a symptom of polycystic ovary condition.

3:14 Chapped lips
Did you know that your cheeks can tell a lot about your state? Dry lips might be a reaction to a drug, an occupational jeopardy( for metal vocalists, for example ), or a symptom of allergy, infections, or other conditions.

3:43 Itching ears
Constant itching in the ears might be a symptom of eczema, psoriasis, or reactions.

4:03 Dirty mouth
Dirty teeth and gums aren’t exclusively a clue of inadequate oral cleanlines. Your mouth can tell unpleasant things about your heart and bones.


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