Amazon Slashes to 3% Commissions. R.I.P Affiliates.

Yesterday Amazon announced they are slashing the Amazon Associate affiliate curriculum payout to time 3% commissionings. Learn what I’m doing about it here. Hit Like Button= Smack Jeff Bezos

Amazon kills their affiliate platform by reducing affiliate fees to really 3 %….

The bad news is Amazon time pretty much killed off their affiliate program.
The good report is you’ll feel much better about it by demolishing that like button below!

Ok so Amazon merely sent out an email:

Now some of the most profitable marketplaces like Baby, Tools, state, and outdoor products are effectively killed. Some even offering as low-grade as 1 %…

This is a far cry from the original( recently shortened) paces of the old Identify commission frequency planned .. where at least you could fix some fund.

So what do you do about it?

Number 1: You could propagandize to higher ticket Amazon products … like for example $ 1500 newborn strollers. These by nature will probably have less probe publication, but at $1500 x. 03%, that’s a solid $45 fee. Which is in the ballpark of the kind of commissions I’m trying to see in order to better to pull in a full time income. A few marketings a period comes you to that.

The trouble with this route is most affiliates will likewise be pushing into the higher ticket space in order to compensate for lower payouts.

The second problem is by the actions we’ve seen from Amazon, I wouldn’t be surprised if they cancel their affiliate platform all-together in the next duo years.

Amazon holds all the cards, and you are just a mere pawn to them. Even Amazon FBA vendors are experiencing same troubles( we’ve been working on a question product and have been having trouble getting approved on Amazon FBA, more on that last-minute ).

Number 2: You could go into other structures like CJ.com that offer higher commissionings on produces. I only did a quick search for some baby makes, and here’s what I’ve noticed:

A third party area furnish 6% on newborn stroller gear.

Alternatively, a good search for affiliate platforms revealed another area called Bloom offering 10% board on an average order of $350 with a 90 epoch cookie. WAY better than the Amazon affiliate program.

Number 3: Move into digital groceries like I’ve been doing.

Digital affiliate planneds generally understand the importance of their business to have active affiliates driving traffic and sales.

Because of this, they go through a lot of effort to attract affiliates – Some offering 100% committee on front end sales AND giving away honours like motorcycles and even automobiles to exceed performing affiliates.

Also, in regards to physical commodities in general, I think we’ll start to see a decline in everything but like employ rig, Clorox wipes, and fuzz trimmers.

Digital products I think we will see increases in auctions, especially as parties pick up more hobbies or start ensure their income dry up – they will be more lowered to look for income opportunities.

Example, have you improved an internet site before, done keyword experiment, or made a YouTube video?

Well guess what? You just enough to coach someone else who knows little than you, even better you can document your passage and recommend tools and programs you found to be valuable. People are often looking for peers to follow along with because they feel they are in the same journey. It is a matter of hobbies and other professions too.

So my question for you is would you like to learn how to tap into digital markets and deserve up to 100% commissions on sales? We’re talking $200+ in commissionings as an affiliate?

Well very soon I’m secrete my recent Clickbank affiliate training program. I’m going to show you how to build simple sites that drive serious commissionings … even better they flourish during both good times and bad.

It’s taking me longer than I expected to kept this beast together, but it’s worth the wait.

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