Amstel Gold cancelled as Dutch COVID restrictions tighten

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Amstel Gold has been cancelled following a decision from local Dutch health authorities that censors fans at all sporting occurrences, including those that take place on open roads.

Both the men’s and women’s scoots were scheduled to run on October 10. The directions pass through multiple Dutch districts, including Eijsden-Margraten, Maastricht, and Valkenburg, which along with the region of South Limburg determined that staging the incident is not possible given the current surge in COVID cases in the Netherlands.

” The past few months have been very intensive. The COVID-1 9 pandemic shapes the organisation for the Amstel Gold Race very complex ,” said scoot administrator Leo van Vliet.

The organization had considered running the race on a smaller, 17 -kilometer loop, with barriers around its entirety. But even that potential answer been impossible to draw off safely.

” In the last few weeks, it became increasingly clear that a trend through South Limburg, with visits to ten municipalities, was unfeasible. For this reason, we carefully used to work a new scheme with a smaller circuit of 16.9 kilometers. The trend and the area around it would be closed to the public in order to avoid multitudes and to guarantee a distance of 1.5 meters ,” van Vliet said.

” On Monday, we were fully prepared to make this public, but the new measures announced by the cabinet later that evening means that the plans had to be revised again.

” With the condition’ no world’ it became an almost impossible task. From Tuesday morning, we consulted with representatives of the Security Region and local municipalities. In their final assessment, the mayors proved the impossibility with a view to ensuring no public. Of route , no matter how much we detest it, we can’t help but respect those evaluations. Of track, it does not prevent us from returning next year with a splendid scoot .”

The announcement comes a daytime after the second stage of the BinckBank Tour had to be cancelled as induced its mode into the Netherlands from Belgium. Organizers moved the start of the third stage back to Belgium and deepened Friday’s stage to an 8km day trial around the Belgian city of Riemst.

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