Describe An Important Change In Your Life – IELTS Cue Card

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what it was about why the modification was required how it affected their own lives and explain why this was an important change in your life.

Change is inevitable. In fact, it is the only constant thing in “peoples lives”. Without convert, life would be too repetitious. Waking up to the same old things, doing the same work, ingesting the same food are not something we ever wanted to face until in recent times. Until the very date, we ever countenanced reform as it was. For the first time in numerous centuries, we have come across something unusually dreadful.

As we all know, covid 19 has clawed every municipal, country and continent. The only escape from this monster disease is staying indoors and not used to go unless it is very important. Schools, colleges, movie theatres, touring smudges, eateries, everything is shut down for this world pandemic. As a solution, we are all separated from the entire world to our respective abodes and forced to lead the same life repeatedly on a loop.

It has indeed feigned us in both courses. It has helped us to invest time in ourselves and pamper ourselves. For the first few months, parties committed themselves in self-improvement and diversions. The technological world-wide has advanced to the next rank. Nonetheless, it had more cons than pros. The mental health of every living person has deteriorated so badly. Like I mentioned before, everyone dreads monotonicity. And that is what the world is facing.

It was a significant change , not for how the world is suffering and dealing with the disease but for many other reasons. With a busy schedule, it was essential to that we hold time to ourselves. This pandemic lockdown helped us do that. We need you to tell me parties in a better way. Likewise, with every violating and mending bond, we became matured.


Monotonous: dull, laborious, and tedious; lacking in variety and interest.

Eg: No one enjoys to lead a monotonous life.

Pandemic:( of a disease) rife over a whole country or the world.

Eg: During this pandemic people need to stay home and safe.

Deteriorated: becoming progressively worse.

Eg: Her state is deteriorating.

Dread: anticipate with great misgiving or fear.

Eg: She dreads height.

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