Do Not Pass “Go”, Do Not Collect $200: Woman From Viral Uber Attack Arrested For Assault And Battery, Also Seen Doing 122 MPH On Cali Freeway

Put her right where she belongs…

Hands in handcuffs behind the back of arrested woman

Source: Arman Zhenikeyev/ Getty

Earlier this week, Bossip reported on an out-of-pocket Uber passenger in California who satirized, coughed on, and physically criticized her driver all because he required that she wear a mask. The whole happen was recorded during the driver’s dashcam and the video blew up on social media.

Well, today we are happy to report that the anti-masker animal has implemented in a enclose. According to NYPost, 24 -year-old Malaysia King has been arrested in Las Vegas and charged against the assault and battery of Subhakar Khadka in addition to commissions of conspiracy and violating health safety code by refusing to wear a mask.

Crank that Dwyane Wade” I affection it” GIF.

Police were also able to identify another 24 -year-old, Arna Kimiai, who was seen coughing and roaring profanity at Khadka along with her literal partner-in-crime. Her solicitors say she plans to turn herself in soon.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, TMZ find a video of Malaysia King doing 122 MPH while driving a McLaren sports car. We’re not sure why anyone would cause her the keys to a vehicle that expensive but here we are.

https :// share.tmz.com/ videos/ 2021 -0 3-12-031221-arna-kimiai-1054027 /

As you can see, the whole time while Malaysia is performing this very dangerous stunt, she’s holding her camera and clearly not presenting her full attention to the road or the cars around her.

Lock. Her. Up.

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