Dr. Dre’s Father Claims The Music Mogul Doesn’t ‘Give a Damn’ About Him

Dr. Dre had a rough 2020, and regrettably for the mythical farmer, it doesn’t was like the headlines in 2021 are giving him any better.

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In the midst of going through a riotous divorce and recovering from a brain aneurysm, Dre’s dad has entered the chat to let fans only knew their lack of a relationship.

For whatever reason, his father, Theodore Young, decided to give a tell-all interview to Page Six.

In the interview, entitled,” Inside The World of Dr. Dre ,” the mogul’s dad claims that he and his son have virtually no relationship.

” I haven’t seen Andre since his grandpa died and I can’t even remember when that was ,” the 73 -year-old said, attributing Dre’s success-at least partly-for their tightened relationship.” We have no relationship. My other sons adoration me. They tell me they adore me. But coming from where I come from, most young men like Andre who have a big success don’t yield a damn about their dad .”

Theodore does be acknowledged that he and Dre’s mother, Verna, divide shortly after Dre was born, so they didn’t have much of such relationships before he was acclaimed, either. Verna has also gone on record accusing Young of mistreat, and while he denied that, he acknowledges that they weren’t a great example of kindnes when Dr. Dre was growing up.” His grandmother collected him ,” Young admitted.

One of Dre’s daughter’s LaTanya Young also made some shocking claims later in the article. The 37 -year-old revealed to Page Six that” she hadn’t seen her papa in 17 years” and that he’s” never converged her four kids .” Latanya confessed that even as a child, she would often have to go through Dre’s team to reach her father.

Dr. Dre’s divorce from his estranged spouse, Nicole Young, is now underway, as are the floors came to see you about him from all inclinations during the case.

Man .. “its a lot” .. specially amidst Dre’s recent health scare. Why do you think this is all coming out now?

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