Elements Westford Client Relies on Weekly Light Pressure Massage to Manage Constant Pain Associated with Fibromyalgia

Early in their own lives when Kerry Bielicki was 27, she was diagnosed with the constantly unpleasant provision of Fibromyalgia. Instead of giving her predicament negatively affect her active life, she has been dedicated for the past 12 times to keeping her body moving with daily work and weekly rub therapy sessions.

“If I really sat and was immobile, I would get even stiffer and tighter, ” shows Kerry. “So, after I get a massage, I stay active and pull every day to help keep me released between conferences. Coming a massage weekly altogether tightens me up and I’m able to move my cervix again after I finish a time. I can absolutely know and feel the difference if I skip a few weeks of massage.”

Kerry describes her Fibromyalgia condition as ever having constant pain that comes and goes in intensity. When her muscles tighten up, it feels like having arthritis pain that restricts her scope of gesture and fluctuation. She turns to a flame tissue rub regiman approaching to help deal with the sorenes associated with her malady, as well as to help her relax and unwind from the mental pressure associated with being in constant pain.

“I ever describe having Fibromyalgia to parties that it’s like the’ Princess and the Pea’ story, ” says Kerry. “Your body is so tender that any additional persuade, even from something as big as a pea, can literally induce a sore spot on your form. That’s why it’s so important for me to only have light adversity rubs and Kristine ever checks in with me multiple times throughout our rub about how the pressure is feeling to me.”

Kerry has been receiving rubs from Kristine Duhamel, massage therapist at Elements Massage Westford, since moving to the area about two years ago. Kristine consumes a mix of Swedish, myofascial and neuromuscular apoplexy skills to help Kerry find relief from the adamant areas in her body that begin her muscular sorenes each week. Kristine ethics Kerry’s open communication approaching during the course of its conferences so that she can help Kerry with solely what she needs.

“Kerry is so in tune with her body and she’s ever right on when it comes to knowing what’s going on in her body, ” shares Kristine. “With Fibromyalgia, you aren’t looking to do deep tissue. Light-colored pressured rub can be so supportive with lymphatic sewage, increasing your immune organization, improving your flow and curing calm the guts down as your form relaxes.”

Kerry has been a believer in the benefits of massage for Fibromyalgia since soon after being diagnosed with the condition. Massage was suggested as a pain management option during an instructive class at her doctor’s office about her provision and, since then, she has been incorporating regular massage into her lifestyle. In addition to stretching daily, practising regularly and contributing rub care to helping with her condition, she also has changed her diet slightly by limiting caffeine, drinking green teas for their antioxidant benefits and eating healthier. Over the years, she also has found that her body reacts negatively to rainy, soggy brave. So, she opts for various warming managements- heated tables during her massage and regular whirlpool bath steeps- to help combat the intensity of her achiness and suffering when the weather doesn’t cooperate with warmer temperatures.

“The physical benefits of massage are an important part of my life, but I enjoy the mental benefits of relaxation as well, ” shares Kerry. “It takes away all of the feeling. Since I’m so relaxed, I don’t even “re particularly concerned about” the suffering in my muscles because I can focus on other things. Even just listening to the calming music in the massage chamber assistants me forget about my aches and tenderness, even though they are just for during the session.”

Massage is one of the key elements that helps Kerry live a healthy and active life, even with the weaken pain that can be associated with Fibromyalgia. By incorporating massage into their own lives on a weekly basis, she is able to enjoy the mental and physical helps are connected with the ability of human touch and having a massage therapist that she can trust to listen to what she needs.

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