Four short links: 14 Oct 2020

Data Organization in Spreadsheets — Focusing on the data entry and storage sides, this article offers practical recommendations for organizing spreadsheet data to reduce wrongdoings and easy later investigates. The core principle are: are compatible, write dates like YYYY-MM-DD, do not leave any cadres empty-bellied, kept precisely one thing in a cadre, coordinate the data as a single rectangle( with topics as rows and variables as columns, and with a single header row ), create a data dictionary, do not include computations in the raw data files, do not use font color or spotlighting as data, pick good names for things, stir backups, use data validation to avoid data entering wrongdoings, and save the data in plain text files. A “must-read” for anyone who works with data.( via Thomas Lumley) Toward an API for the Real Numbers — To our knowledge, this is the first expedition of a practical general intent real number type that both indicates the scientific laws of the real numbers, and are supportive of precise likeness in situations in which that’s usually expected.( via Morning Paper)( via Tim Bray) Sensors Printed Directly Onto Skin — Now, we report a universal manufacturing scheme to enable printing and room-temperature sintering of the metal nanoparticle on paper/ fabric for FPCBs and immediately on the human skin for on-body sensors with a fiction sintering succour blanket. Consisting of polyvinyl booze( PVA) glue and nanoadditives in the irrigate, the sintering expedite coating reduces the sintering temperature. Together with the significantly decreased surface roughness, it allows for the integration of a submicron-thick conductive pattern with enhanced electromechanical concert. Many on-body sensors incorporated within an FPCB to see health conditions represent a system-level example.( paywalled paper) A Quarter Century of Hype- 25 Years of the Gartner Hype Cycle — A production of various story ways to visualize 25 years of the Gartner Hype Cycle. The good nonsense starts about 1m40s in.

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