Glo’s Koya Webb on the transformative power of yoga

My name is Koya Webb and while there are many things wrapped up in my identity, the one that resonates with me the most is that I am Love. For better or worse, I’m an all-in, enthusiastic and consistent person, and I strive to establish the world a better place.

I grew up in Humboldt, Tennessee and wasted much of my early living striving to achieve. Back in Tennessee, I moved my nerve into my gradations in the classroom and my accomplishment on the line. That dedication eventually rendered me a Track and Field scholarship to continue pursuing my dream to win an Olympic Gold Medal.

However, the Universe had other a blueprint for me.

One day, while stepping dwelling from class I experienced an excruciating pain in my lower back. Turns out that what I was knowledge was a stress fracture, which temporarily sidelined me physically and approximately took me out emotionally and mentally.

However, this was the life challenge that led me to yoga. After I broke down sobbing in class one time too many, my teacher sent me to a adviser. While I don’t remember her call, what I do remember is that she intimated I try yoga. Having been raised in a traditional Southern Baptist household, I was skeptical. In my head, yoga was all about sacred deities or something.

During my first yoga class, I was a fish out of water. My muscles were tight; my person far away from elegant. But eventually, I followed the instructor’s tacks to make late breaths and breaths with her. This was a game changer for me: Learning to connect with my breath changed my life, and yoga became our friend.

After I regenerated, it took me a few cases more times to get back into a consistent yoga practice( what can I say, I can be stubborn ). After graduating college, I find myself facing another tough line gash. Heart brought me back to my yoga practice and I’ve never left it since.

I could no longer deny the transformative supremacy yoga had on my life and I seriously wanted to share its magic with the world countries.

After getting my yoga teacher training certification in 2008 I swore to share the healing powers of yoga with anyone who would listen. In 2017, I started Get Loved Up Yoga School, a multidisciplinary holistic health and yoga teacher training school. Feeling like most yoga teacher trainings were leaving out spirituality, I intentionally saw it an integral component of GLU. Additionally, I worked to go beyond asana and ensure we were hitting on fundamental pillar of a yogic lifestyle, such as plant-based eating and social justice( which both align with ahimsa/ nonviolence ).

As a wellness chairwoman and practitioner, I have knowledge, learned, and taught that we are all builders who have the power to take a painful experience and use it to become stronger. When something hurts you- whether physically or emotionally – you can still use that aching and turn it into something beautiful.

Practicing Breathwork, Meditation and Yoga cured me mend from pain, distres and sadnes. I affection sanctioning my community to live in alignment with love even in life’s darkest hours.

I believe breath is heart and the more we tune into our breath the more we will be divinely steered. I’m looking forward to meeting more beings within the Glo community to hear their floors and serve as one of their ushers to connect more intentionally with their breather.

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