Happy Pear Podcast Episode 5 Russell Brand

This week’s episode is with one of our protagonists, Russell Brand.
Russell is an award-winning humorist, performer, generator, public expect chairwoman, a heartfelt organizer for mental health and dope reclamation and a great friend.

In this incident, Russell discusses:

His tour and countless alterations in life to find who he is.
His firstly event fit The Happy Pear& sea swimming.
Recognising passions and how crisis instants can be important.
The importance of listening to the placid expres inside you.
Life principles grateful, agreement, tranquillity, doing good for others
Managing and understanding nervousness.
His innovative process.
Balancing public and private life.
The appraise of support structures, building parish and living harmoniously.
Spontaneity, contriving and ceding to the moment.
The power of musing& prayer

Also, check out Russell’s upcoming volume or more appropriately an Audible Original( so merely listening , no written volume) is called Revelation and is being exhausted on 25 th March!

We have knowledge of Russell for years and he has interviewed us on his podcast, but we never got the chance to interview him, so we are super aroused about this escapade!

We hope you enjoy it- we certainly procured it a cracker!

All the best,
Dave& Steve.

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