How CHRISTUS Health Curated a Stand-Out Employee Engagement Experience with Real Results

How CHRISTUS Health Curated a Stand-Out Employee Engagement Experience With Real Results

After seeing significant platform success at their St. Michael health ministry, CHRISTUS progressed their partnership with Achievers to offer all of their Associates a more modernized and impactful employee engagement program.

With more than 600 hubs, CHRISTUS Health is a health organization comprised of over 45,000 Associates who provide individualized and compassionate care across the United States. Before implementing their holistic action policy with Achievers, each hospital employed their own homegrown initiatives to acknowledge the good work of their Accompanied. CHRISTUS realized that these times of occasion weren’t having the reach and notoriety they hoped for. What they needed was a solution that would standardize the experience, participate Associate across the organization, and celebrate the moments that matter.

Where it all began

CHRISTUS began their modern-day employee engagement journey at their St. Michael ministry where CHRISTUS recognized Associate engagement as a result of leadership recognition jump from 66 percent to 77 percent after propelling their Achievers platform. This outstanding impact on Associate engagement spurred the next phase of their engagement strategy — the roll-out of Achievers across all ministries.

CHRISTUS understood that employees who receive an average rate of one non-monetary recognition per month are 43 percent more engaged than those who do not. Excited for their date potential, they interposed Associates across all ministries to their recognition program powered by Achievers’ employee booking platform.

CHRISTUS Health Team

Training for success

Setting their acceptance platform up for success convey sanctioning Accompanieds and captains. An introduction to the program was added to CHRISTUS’ brand-new hire orientation to instill the organization’s recognition appraises and traditions from day 1.

Few groups take the lead on civilizing hires on the important aspects of recognition, such as the quality of its content or the frequency — CHRISTUS wasn’t one of them. Their presidents participated in in-depth training through CHRISTUS Health’s Leader Foundations, a six-month leadership onboarding program intended to fully train directors across their organization to lead by example. CHRISTUS understood that to ensure their program’s continue success, this type of leadership training was required to communicate the importance of recognition that is timely, specific, and values-based.

Today, CHRISTUS’ program has become a part of everyday conversations, with senior leaders and directors working in tandem to drive frequent acceptance across their teams.

How CHRISTUS Health Curated a Stand-Out Employee Engagement Experience With Real Results

High following drives impactful upshots

With an adoption rate of practically 100 percentage, CHRISTUS was able to facilitate participation in the initiatives aimed at drove incremental acceptance and had perceptible impacts on both patient and business outcomes.

Through their Associate Resiliency Program, CHRISTUS furnishes Associate with techniques to encourage mental well-being and mitigate burnout. Through their acceptance curriculum, Affiliates were gifted planned places when they completed an e-learning course and worksheet that provided a framework for building resilience. Accompanied who participated had a 2.9% lower turnover rate three months after the campaign compared to those who did not participate and CHRISTUS knowledge an investment gain of nearly $150,000 and an ROI of 250% for every dollar spent.

Similarly, CHRISTUS kick-started a Near Miss/ Zero Harm Program to encourage Identify to speak up and report on-the-job near misses — specimen that could have resulted in patient harm had they not were defined. To patronage its success, CHRISTUS again leveraged their identification program to award points to Associate who came forward to report near misses. This resulted in 6x expanded in the number of near-miss reporting — an impressive arise for a critical initiative.

As an organization that’s most invested in their people, CHRISTUS was also eager to utilize recognition to reduce attrition. During an attrition analysis, CHRISTUS found that Identify who responded unfavorably to an engagement canvas question related to recognition were related to 3x more likely to leave the organization within three months, versus those who responded favorably. Upon further investigation, they too discovered that Associates who received recognition more frequently were more likely to respond favorably to a inspect question about booking — meaning that they were more locked and less likely to leave. CHRISTUS understood that one way to affect approval tallies among their Accompanied and abbreviate their turn-over was to encourage chairmen( particularly among units with low-pitched acceptance tallies) to be more intentional about extraditing frequent and meaningful recognition.

The future of recognition and hire action is colors at CHRISTUS. Their investment in improving the Associate experience has earned them The Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces( r) Award and an Elite 8 winning for Accountability and Performance. With their momentum and inventive exert of their Achievers work participation programme, that’s likely to be just the beginning.

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