How talkhealth can help you this Stress Awareness Month

stress awareness month 2021 It’s been reported that 74% of UK adults have felt stress in the last year, leaving them to feel devastated and unable to cope. Stress is one of the most pressing public health issues of our time, but it isn’t being taken seriously as a physical state concern. As we continue to live with the backlashes of the coronavirus pandemic, people’s stress degrees are being affected by changes in schedules, employment issues, money problems and the loss of loved ones. That’s why, this Stress Awareness Month, we want to highlight how talkhealth can offer you expressed support for your stress and mental health …

Upcoming Expert Webinar

james scholfield wellbeing webinar

We are all guilty of giving our anxious and stress-inducing studies surface now and then. One thing that we can all do to prevent our thoughts from making flight is practising mindfulness. On Thursday 10 June at 13:00( BST ), James Scholfield, mindfulness practitioner and founder of A Mindful Earth, will discover the influence of mindfulness, methods for bettering your tradition and how becoming more wary can facilitate chronic agony and stress-related illnesses. Sign up for the webinar today to crack the mindfulness codes!

Videos and Webinars-on-demand

In a recent interviewwith Donna Mazzola aka Dr Autoimmune Girl, talkhealth discover of the impact that stress can have on chronic conditions. Donna says:’ The pandemic has drawn me realise the effects that stress has on chronic illness. I “ve been trying to” do yoga three times a week and meditate each night because both of these things reduce inflaming. Realising that stress is real and preventing it has been crucial to my recovery.’

That’s why we wanted to highlight some of our more useful videos for stress-busting skills:

Meditation videos with Hannah Staunton

We all know that meditation is good for us but it’s something that’s often really hard to crack. That’s why we asked meditation expert Hannah Staunton to take us through a series of guided musings. Watch the first and second video here!

Chair yoga with Kirsty Mawhinney

Forget the Instagram influencers doing headstands and gymnasts constituting as schoolteachers: yoga really is for everybody. To prove that anyone can reap the benefits of gentle movement, we’ve got the brilliant Kirsty Mawhinney to walk us through some simple moves. Watch the video here!

Digital Detox with Dr Rachael Kent

rachael kent webinar

Whether it is working longer hours, binge-watching Netflix, or catching up with genealogy on Zoom, our reliance on digital technology has been hugely exacerbated by the Covid-1 9 pandemic. Nonetheless, what impact is this having on our stress stages? In this professional webinar Dr Rachael Kent, Lecturer in Digital Economy and Society Education at King’s College London, discusses the strength of digital detox and techniques for a stress-free relationship with tech. Watch the webinar now!

Support Programmes

It’s indisputable that students are one of the groups that ought to have disproportionately affected by the Covid-1 9 pandemic. With that in subconsciou, we wanted to make sure that you know about our student specific wellbeing subsidize curriculum. Mywellbeing for students is a comprehensive usher to the handling of the anxieties of student being.

We too render a more broad-spectrum Wellbeing Support Programme for our other members. Comprising topics from empathy for others to how diet and rehearsal can aid better wellbeing, the weekly email PDFs will take you through actionable topics for better wellbeing and shortened stress.

Like all of our Support Programmes, our mywellbeingand mywellbeing for students routes are free for all of our members and are full of evidence-backed actionable opinion.

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