In the News: Small Businesses in Some States More Ready to Open Post-COVID


Small business owners have been ready to fully open their business post-COVID, but there are many issues affecting how they go about doing that. While some countries are lifting their regulations early, others are still waiting. On the other hand , not all business owners can re-open because of the punch they made during the pandemic.

In this week’s roundup, Small Businesses in Florida, Georgia and New York Ready for Post-Covid Economy is an article that looks at a overlook from Bluehost about the reopening schedules of small businesses as well as their optimism for rise. When it comes to reopening, Florida is on top, with 34% of small business there saying they have a reopening plan in place. Georgia( 29%) and New York( 28%) take up the rest of the top three moods. As for hope, 71% of small businesses are optimistic about future proliferation. And Georgia ( 88% ), North Carolina ( 80%) and New York( 79%) play a leading role in this category.

In other related small business word, the roundup includes how VizPay is addressing a major point point for brokers, the cost of sleep deprived employees to your small business, and extending the Pro Act by the Senate.

You will find these and other sections to help you stay abreast of what is affecting small business owners, as well as many other practical material for operating your company more effectively.

Small Business News Roundup- April 16, 2021

Stay informed with these articles in this week’s roundup.

VizyPay Says It’s Addressing a Major Pain Point for Small Business Merchants

VizPay, a payment processing company that develops arrangements for small and medium-sized companies, has launched VizyPOS. The all-in-one payment processing app enables merchants to manage all sales facets within their business.

What Does a Sleep Deprived Employee Cost Your Small Business ?

Sleep deprivation among employees can cost a business, fondly. The degree to which proletarians starved of adequate sleep has on customs was investigated in an infographic compiled by sleepare, suppliers of bottoms and mattresses. The infographic is based on data collected by Sleepare in relation to how sleep affects a workforce.

Pressure to Increase on Senate to Pass the PRO Act

Back in March, the US House of Representatives guided what’s known as the PRO Act. While the legislation is gaining notoriety over the content of the report on unions and employees’ liberty to organize, it also aims to completely change the job marketplace for freelancers and independent contractors. However, the PRO Act faces a major overcome, or two, in the US Senate.

60% of US Workers Concerned Over Mental Health After Pandemic

A brand-new questionnaire says that 60% of US workers are worried about their mental and mental state. Harmonizing to the survey by The Conference Board, there is a positive side to that. Nearly 80 percent of respondents felt that their boss cared. Yet simply 62% felt that they felt comfortable talking about wellbeing challenges at work.

As Retail Businesses Shift Online, Hackers Getting More Sophisticated

As more retailers sell online, intruders are capitalizing on the flood in online shopping with increasingly sophisticated methods of stealing data. A study by NuData, a Mastercard company, strengthens how hackers are becoming progressively most complicated in their tricks as retail professions shifting online.

Do You Suffer from Anxiety at Work ?

I know you’ve been there; sitting in the parking lots of your office, with that desirous excavation in your belly because you know how it’s gonna go in there. You either can’t eat, or you overeat to beat the stress. You can’t sleep or you can’t get out of bed. Whichever extreme afflictions your daily work life, it feels like endless torture.

The Real Reason Why Startups Fail Now

One of the eternal questions in entrepreneurship is why do so many startups still disappoint. Is it a bad impression, inadequate execution or are many time not cut out to be their own boss? On The Small Business Radio Show this week, Tom Eisenmann, a Professor of Its administration at Harvard Business School discusses the real rationales in his new book, “Why Startups Fail”.

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