Last Laugh: Will Smith FINALLY Reacts To Those Viral “Entanglement” Memes [Video]

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Will Smith and the Smith family are essentially like the Royal family of recreation. They keep the mess out of the streets and only pop out for run and granting back to their community…Well, that’s what they used to do, until the whirlwind, better known as August Alsina pillow-talked to the world.

After finally releasing music following years away from the music industry due to illness, Alsina thought it would be convenient to address his relationship with Jada Pinket-Smith. In an interview with The Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee, he broke the silence around their relationship and even admitted that Will had given him his bounty on their romance.

Shortly after, their relationship would officially be crowned an “entanglement” by Jada herself and the internet exploded. After his chitchat, Jada announced she would be bringing herself to the Red Table to have a discourse with herself. What we didn’t expect was for Will to be right across from her when she eventually exhausted a excerpt from the episode.

The episode came and get without any new information other than the couple admitting they touch a rough spot. The memes that come back here the occurrence will live on forever as Will looked like he was going through it the whole time. Months later, Will has finally decided to react to some of the memes in its most recent Youtube video which you can watch below!

There was one shot in particular during the show where the camera zoomed in close to Will’s face and he appeared to be on the verge of rends. Will attributed his distressed look to drinking too much coffee. “.. I suck so much better chocolate I get dehydrated and it represents my eyes watery .” Yeah..right. Are you buying it?

In other Will Smith news, the actor was also presented with the” Bring Change to Mind “ annual honor honoring him for the slog he has done on proposing for mental health awareness. The safarus is a nonprofit co-founded by actresses and propose Glenn Closethat aims to end the stigma surrounding mental illness.

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From one genie fam to another, thank you @ zakpym, @zeldawilliams, Cody Williams and @bringchangetomind. Robin’s desired lives on thru our laugh and retentions .

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