Magnetic Health Effect, Disaster Deposit, Sunspot Forcing | S0 News Mar.9.2021

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Mental Breakdown and Pain: https :// dspace.kpfu.ru/ xmlui/ manage/ net/ 160740
Nova Can Still Angry: https :// arxiv.org/ pdf/ 2103.04669. pdf
Sunspots and Climate: https :// v3. pjsir.org/ index.php/ physical-sciences/ commodity/ idea/ 418/275
US Climate: https :// www.ncdc.noaa.gov/ temp-and-precip/ us-maps/ 1/202102 #us-maps-select
Most Distant Jet: https :// public.nrao.edu/ word/ distant-cosmic-jet/
Lake Mungo Dust: https :// dspace.kpfu.ru/ xmlui/ manage/ net/ 161831

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TY WindMap: https :// www.windy.com
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SOHO: https :// soho.nascom.nasa.gov/ data/ Theater/
STEREO: http :// stereo.gsfc.nasa.gov/ cgi-bin/ personas
GOES Satellites: http :// rammb.cira.colostate.edu/ ramsdis/ online/ goes-1 6. asp
Earthquakes: https :// earthquake.usgs.gov/ earthquakes/ map
RSOE: http :// hisz.rsoe.hu/ alertmap/ index2. php

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