Meditation Tips For Holistic Self-Care

“Mind without Hesitation

Mind without Agitation

Mind without Anticipation

is Meditation”

– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Finding balance for your body and your spirit is an important part of creating a holistic self-care routine. Since emotional stress can have a significant impact on your person, and physical nervousnes can have a significant impact on your intellect, it is important to find self-care patterns that help support the wellbeing of both.

Meditation and rub can be great alternatives to traditional medication and provision health benefits such as easing stress and tension, promoting psychological health, increasing self-awareness, and improving sleep – only to appoint a few cases. While visiting one of our Parts Massage( r) studios to benefit from a therapeutic rub is easy, knowing where to start when incorporating the practice of meditation into your self-care can be a bit more challenging.

There are over 112 different types of Meditation prescribed in the ancient textbooks and any one of them can be used to help improve your wellness. While this may seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. Meditation is a journey from gesture to stillness and from seem to stillnes. It can help you maintain high levels of energy and enthusiasm, help you find balance, and procreate positive or calming vibes. While you may experience some trial and error on the journeying to finding the type of mediation that’s right for you, you can follow some simple principles of mediation to get started.

Start with the 3 Golden Principles of Meditation 😛 TAGEND

I want to do nothing – clear your judgment of duties, life stress, and to times

I want nothing – Clear your memory of your desires and let go of the things you require

I am nothing – Be open and let go of your preconceived notions about yourself

Sitting with these aims for just a few minutes allows us to drop some mental and emotional luggage. It allows us to connect with ourselves more effortlessly. We come out recharged and more dynamic and prepared for our daily activities – which could include a Therapeutic at one of our Factors Massage Studios nation-wide.

Ashish is an Ayurveda( alternative remedy) professional, a certified stress conduct professor, and currently helps as a Co-Founder and Vice President of Education of Shankara Inc ., a prominent skincare and wellness company and marriage.

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