My MS diagnosis

My diagnosis came as a scandalize. Within three days, I moved from being perfectly healthy to having a lifelong degenerative state necessity. I came apart, extremely when I was told to’ go home and Google it’ to find out what it was for myself. Seven times in I’ve been on a rollercoaster ride of unpleasant trial and error. I’ve lastly learned the secrets that I feel it’s my duty-from one person with chronic illness to another, to pass on.

Here are the five things I’ve learned that maintain me living a meaningful life with a chronic illness that I hope will likewise help you too.

Positive statements.

You may or may not have heard or exploited positive words or “affirmations” before. I’d never heard of them until someone intimated them to me. But consuming these statements every day is how I managed to go from being reticent, unconfident and devastated with indications to someone who can stand up for herself in medical appointments and feel confident every day. Positive announcements instruct you to create positive communication patterns in your attention. The things we tell ourselves alters everything we do-without us even realizing!

When we have chronic illnesses, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in what we can’t do, right?

How many times do you wake up foreseeing to yourself, “I am so exhausted today”, “I am in so much pain today.” Let me ask you this, do you think these statements induce you feel more or less tired/ in pain? More, right?

What would happen if we became aware of those thoughts and we flip-flop them to,’ I AM industrious today’,’ I AM strong’, “I AM able to handle anything! ”. Even if we are not feeling these things; Do you think that would help represent you feel better or worse? That’s right, better!

Here are some examples 😛 TAGEND


It won’t happen overnight but retain repeating these every day over a few cases weeks, and you’ll start beholding a huge difference.

Keep track of your diet.

Foods are chemicals.I’m not just talking about the heavily processed foods. All meat are made of different chemical compounds. Glucose, Sucrose, Fatty Acids, Omega-3’s are all examples of these chemical compounds, and these all have a different accomplish on the body. Because of that, they can alter your evidences. Observing down what you’re eating means you can correlate that with your manifestations and you can find which foods are provoking your indications and leading to flares.

Getting in control of your figure starts with what you put into your body. Make sure likewise to note down any snacks and sips as well as your main meals, so you have a clear idea of what is affecting your symptoms.

Keep accurate records

How many times have you been in a medical appointment and your doctor asks you things like, “How long have you been on this drug now? ”, “When did this symptom start? ”, “How long did you feel that symptom for? ” They use these questions to try to figure out why you’re feeling this evidence, whether it is a new relapse or maybe a recent indication seeming. For most of us, we are dependent upon remembering these things, which quite often should contribute to errors.

The problem with errors is that it may give the doctor a false-hearted prognosis and send you for research that you may not need. These measures cost a great deal of occasion and fund( not to mention, stress .).

I got so frustrated and fed up with having to remember these things that I made a book where you can track symptoms in less than five minutes per day. Alternatively, you could find a symptom moving app. If you use an app, make sure it is secure and your data protected.

Practice gratefulness.

It’s so easy to feel chilled when we have a chronic illness. We are incessantly duelling indications, spend far more time in a infirmary than we’d like, and get baffled when we can’t live life on our words. A immense space to take control of that is by practicing gratefulness. However chilled “youre feeling”, or nonetheless hard things seem, there is always something to see you feel good.

It could be hot cocoa, wearing your favorite sweater, or having a hug from your bird-dog. Make a notation of all the good things that happen around you. It helps to rewire your intelligence and construct you feel happier. Happiness reduces stress which can improve evidences. Join our’ WINsday’ uprights every Wednesday and celebrate your makes with us on Instagram.

Feel accomplished

Something that I find challenging is fatigue. Do you get fatigued very? I’m one of those people who ever has to feel beneficial, and I get so annoyed when my force runs out halfway through the day, and I don’t tick off most of my’ to-do’ list.

The best hacker I have on that for you is to write down everything you need to do in the night on some newspaper. Then pick your top three main thing on that schedule( it could be, to position the washing in, is submitted in response to a theme, finish episode three of a new series, etc .) and do those things firstly in your day.

Living with a chronic illness isn’t fun, it’s just something we have to do. Hopefully, these make it slightly more feasible. Give these tips a try and make sure to connect with me and tell me how you get on.

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