Q&A With our Chief Wellness Officer Eric Stephenson

At Elements Massage, we’re focused on furnish a world-class experience for all Elements’ studio members and massage therapists, which is why last year we designated Eric Stephenson as our Chief Wellness Officer! With over 20 -years of experience in service industries, Eric is focused on creating best-in-class knows for our clients and our teams.

On today’s blog we talked to Eric about the importance of daily self-care. With all your day-to-day undertakings, it might seem impossible to make time for self-care. If you’re not procreating hour for yourself, then you’re more likely to feel stressed, which can lead to a whole slew of health issues. While self-care is sometimes associated with “selfishness” or over-indulgent, it’s actually quite the opposite.

Elements Massage( EM ): Stress — particularly in a heightened, prolonged state — can have severe and adverse health effects. Can you elaborate further on the physical effects of stress on the human body?

Eric Stephenson( ES ): Stress may be the culprit for a variety of mental, feelings and physical health effects including headaches, insomnia, obesity and gut questions. Stress hormones trigger your body’s “fight or flight” response, making your heart rate to promote, your breath to shorten and quicken together with an overall contraction of your muscular method. This alert plan is good for short-term actions, but for an extended period, it can put your health at serious threat. When the stressor is gone, your stress response should return to a lie government and normalize. If it abides heightened, the response continues and can be problematic for all of the body’s major systems.

EM: What about mental health?

ES: The same is true for mental health, and in the broader sense, many times it is hard to separate the body from the recollection seeing cause and effect. Anxiety and dip can be triggered by stressful occurrences of an acute or chronic nature.

EM: How do you encounter parties start forming stress as the brand-new criterion?

ES: In our fast-paced society in which there are hundreds of things demanding our tending on a daily basis, one can stay in a “fight or flight” response without even realizing it. Equating the concept of “busyness” with productivity is a seductive notion and may become a little than optimal mindset.

EM: Massage is one way to help reduce stress, but what other daily habits can one do to help reduce stress?

ES: For beginners, diet and rehearsal are a crucial part of well-being. The other big-hearted part of reducing stress is becoming aware of ratifies that you are entering into a stress response and shifting the behavior such as clenching your jaw, nail-biting, shallow breathing, or sweating. Any undertaking that initiates your parasympathetic nervous system( remainder and digest) such as meditation, yoga or sitting and listening to a relaxing piece of music will help to reduce stress. One of my own personal favorites is to sit at my table or lay down and watch my breather go in and out, for two minutes. Just two minutes is all it takes to begin. Think about the small steps you can take today!

EM: As Chief Wellness Officer, what type of services are you implementing to help manage stress?

ES: In our service improvements such as the Elements AromaRitual( r ), we are using essential lubricants to change the olfactory( bouquet) plan to stimulate the client’s relaxation response. There’s purposeful seat in this massage where the practitioner is completely present with the client but not instantly quickening their musculoskeletal system. This allows a consumer to integrate the input coming into their nervous system and hopefully, spur their body to move back towards match or what we would call homeostasis.

EM: How can representatives rehearse daily self-care to manage stress?

ES: Look for opportunities to trigger your brain’s response to practice each day. For example, before the beginning of your auto, study yourself to take three, penetrating mindful breaths. Over time, this will become a routine. One of my other favorites is to find five minutes a day to sit in a darkened office and do absolutely nothing but sit and watch your scooting judgment. Over time, this practice will allow you to see the endless activity of your brain and how silence can increase to separate some of your review motifs from reality.

EM: What other stress and daily self-care advice can you share?

ES: The biggest, and my own personal favorite is to create a bit of opening between the daily activities of life. The far-famed composer, Debussy formerly said: “Music is the space between the notes.” I to be told live( and wellness) is in that space as well. Take time to be quiet, breathe, and call on your body’s relaxation response often. There is also experiment from Harvard’s Shawn Achor, that advocates writing three things down in a gratitude periodical, can have a big impact on your overall sense of prosperity and well-being.

Whether it’s regular rub, reflection or yoga, there’s no primed prescription for “me time.” It’s an individual’s practice, so find what feels best for you. To find an Elements Massage near you tour: https :// elementsmassage.com/ massage-places-near-me

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