Quintana: I have never used illegal substances to improve my performance

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A day after news first emerged that French police had searched Nairo Quintana’s hotel room and opened a initial is looking into possible doping, Quintana has cleared his first public statements on the subject.

” The French gendarmerie be put into practice an operation in the hotel where my crew was staying on Wednesday, September 16, in Meribel, after the Tour de France stage aimed ,” Quintana confirmed in a statement.” That era, the authorities concerned penetrated my apartment and seized vitamin complements “thats been” perfectly legal, although perhaps unfamiliar to the French arbiters. This is the main reason why it takes time for everything that happened to be fully clarified .”

According to reports in French media, police researched the apartments of a few members of the Arkea-Samsic team as well as team cars after the 17 th stage of the Tour. Harmonizing to the AFP, attorneys in Marseille opened a initial investigation following the “discovery of numerous health commodities including stimulants … and above all a procedure that can be qualified as doping .”

Le Parisien reports that a doctor and soigneur were taken into police custody on Monday while Nairo and Dayer Quintana were questioned.

In his statement, Quintana was unmistakable that the search did not recover anything illegal.

” So that there is no doubt, I want to confirm that narcotic essences were never received ,” he said.

Although an Arkea-Samsic account include an indication that the investigation concerned” a very limited number of equestrians, as well as their close entourage , not employed by the team ,” Quintana like to remind you that he has been working solely with unit personnel.

” I too want to clear up a misconstrue: during the recent Tour or during any previous scoot, I have never consulted auxiliary or foreign personnel from the team ,” Quintana said.” I do not have and have never had anything to hide .”

Quintana said that he has been cooperating with authorities and will continue to do so.

” Yesterday, at the summons of the French experts, and willingly, I sounded before the department of public prosecutions and answered each and every one of their questions clearly and with a clear conscience ,” he said.” In this gumption, it is necessary to emphasize that I has not been able to been the subject matter of any accusation by the authorities. For my own part, I am and will be ready to clarify any disbelief from the prosecution, as I did on Monday and today.

” I, Nairo Quintana, have been a clean rider throughout my sporting life and have an flawless biological passport. I want to clarify to the public, to my followers, and cycling adherents that never in my part vocation- junior, under-2 3 and professional- have I employed illegal elements that improve my sports conduct and that disclose the principles of sport .”

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