Sigh: Henry “Hank” Aaron, Atlanta Brave And Home Run King, Passes Away At Age 86

Dammit, man…

Hank Aaron Standing in Stadium

Source: Bettmann/ Getty

Hank Aaron is a titan, an icon, a lore, and a hero.

This morning, according to CBS4 6, Henry Aaron passed away at senility 86. The hall-of-fame home run king leaves behind a gift that is as rich as anyone ever in any professional play. He’s Michael Jordan. He is Muhammad Ali. He is Serena Williams. He is a GOAT. At age 20 he frisked his very first Major League Baseball competition after a short stint in the Negro organization. He expended the next 23 years with the Milwaukee-turned-Atlanta Braves meeting history.

In 1974, Hammerin’ Hank broke the glass ceiling that likely construct many a white man cry, affliction, and KKKomplain. During a Braves home game at Fulton County Stadium, Aaron propelled the home run that burst Babe Ruth’s caucasian-ly cherished record of 714 career dingers. He would go on to notch 755 home run that would only be overshadowed by Barry Attachment with 762.

The aforementioned Muhammad Ali once said that Aaron was, “The only man I worship more than myself.”

We Stan.

At this time Aaron still produces the MLB all-time in moves batted in and total basis with 2,297 and 6,856, respectively. In his latter times, Aaron served as the Senior Vice President of the Atlanta Braves franchise. More recently, he had been advocating for African Americans go to get inoculated from COVID-1 9. He told the AP 😛 TAGEND

Getting inoculated “makes me feel wonderful, ” Aaron told The Associated Press. “I don’t have any qualms about it at all, you are well aware. I feel fairly proud of myself for doing something like this . … It’s precisely a small thing that can help oodles of people in this country.”

At the time of his run, Mr. Aaron was in good health as far as we know. Rest in armistice to this king and prayers up for his family and loved ones.

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