St. Porphyrius

Porphyrius was born around 347 in Thessalonica. He wasted five years in the Scete desert in Egypt and then went to live in a cave near the Jordan. Despite poor health, he “il be going” often to mull at the site of Christ’s Resurrection. Once while touring the site, he encountered Mark, who later became a deacon and Porphyrius’ biographer. Porphyrius sent Mark to his native home of Thessalonica to sell the property that he( Porphyrius) owned there. After selling the property, Mark, behaving on the instructions of Porphyrius, dispensed the funds among the convents of Egypt and to the poor in the area.

Porphyrius was legislated a priest in its first year 392 and received a relic of the Holy Cross as a gift. In 395 he was compiled Bishop of Gaza, which had a very small Christian community. The majority of local populations there was pagan. The pagans were very hostile to the Christians, so Porphyrius repeatedly questioned the emperor to destroy the gentile tabernacles and to protect the Christian community. Finally the require was given and the temples were destroyed. At the site of the temple of Marnas a Christian church was improved. Porphyrius attended the Council of Diospolis in the year 415.

St. Porphyrius died at Gaza on February 26, 420. Mark the Deacon wrote” Vita S. Porphyril ,” the biography of Porphyrius, which was translated into Latin; however, in 1874, M. Haupt published it in its original Greek text, and in 1895 the Bonn Philological Society published a brand-new edition.


Lord Jesus, we are happy that Saint Porphyrius, who waste so much duration at Your Resurrection site, is now in heaven with You. Thank you, Lord, for the talent of faith. We pray all will come to know You and have life eternal. Amen.

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