Tamar Says She Attempted Suicide For Her Son’s Sake—‘He Deserved Better’

Now, this is truly heartbreaking…

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Tamar Braxton is opening on the low-toned moment in their own lives when she attempted to end her life. Back in July Tamar’s partner at the time, David Adefeso announced 911 saying that Tamar drank and made an unknown amount of prescription lozenges in a believed overdose. Tamar was then hospitalized and kept on 24 -hour watch. Later a possible suicide note from Tamar divulged evidencing her ventilate her frustrations with WEtv, the network.” The only direction I experience out is death ,” wrote Tamar. Following that, an old-fashioned email spilt showing a distraught Tamar calling WEtv execs “cruel white slave masters” who “destroyed a black kinfolk” with Braxton Family Values.

Now Tamar’s in a much better place and opening up on the unnerving minute with Taraji P. Henson . Tamar was a recent patron on the actress’s Facebook Watch show ”Peace of Mind With Taraji “ and she been set up about her mental health and attempt to end her life.

According to Tamar, she was triggered by the demands of world Tv and she ultimately thought she’d be doing her son Logan a advantage by ceasing her life.

ET Online obtained a clip of the shocking convo and it’s jarring.

Taraji: Can we talk about your beautiful lad?

Tamar: Logan was the reason why I attained that decision. I time felt like he deserved better. I are of the view that I was mortifying him has become a moron on tv.

Taraji: You thought he would be better without you?

Tamar: In that time. I didn’t require him to be humiliated in front of his friends. Here’s his loud-mouthed ghetto mama because I knew that’s what my whole life truly was. That’s not who I was.

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Wow, wow, wow. Luckily she’s still here for her babe boy who she announces” her protagonist .”

Taraji and Tamar both am speaking on the excerpt with ET Online . Taraji acclaimed Tamar’s bravery in say her tale and Tamar said she’ll continue to be a fighter.

” I desire that she felt safe enough to come here with us ,” said Taraji.” Anybody that comes here, they are safe. Because the thing is, I’m not some notoriety that time swiped my call on this talk show. I am literally struggling myself.”

“I’m one of most of those who never yields up ,” said Tamar.” We do whatever it takes. Everything is harder but nothing is too hard-boiled. We figure it out.”

New episodes of Peace of Mind with Taraji drop every Monday and Wednesday at 9amPT/ 12 pmET. Episodes can be found on Facebook.com/ Watch and Taraji P. Henson’s Facebook page: Facebook.com/ tarajiphenson

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