Ten products I loved in 2020: Abby Mickey

Unlike my CyclingTips colleagues, you will not find below a directory of tools and tech. My product consumption is mainly in clothing- I love way and am influenced by bright colors. With the road the world is at the moment, you will find pieces that helped me been through these tough times, both literally and likewise mentally.

This year it was important for me to slow down and take a look at the living standards I have created for myself, what I need to be happy, and what I appraise. The conclusion I came to was a combination of time with a very select group of friends, my” quarantine crew” if you are able to, and how I deplete my time alone. The mountain biking craze was an effect of the friends I spent the majority of members of my season with. If this were a inventory of commodities I loved in 2020 not related to cycling, a lot of bibles ought to have been spawned the slash, along with running/ hiking shoes, and probably my hound, Ezi. Yeah, Ezi would have made this list.

Thank you for construe, and may you have a joyou anniversary season.


Taylor Swift’s legend

Look, I am aware that this is not strictly speaking a “cycling” product, but hear me out.

On the morning of July 23 rd I woke up and immediately turned on the new book by Taylor Swift. By the second song, it was clear that the mood of this album reflected that of 2020, of my own personal feelings, of pandemic life. After a impetuou breakfast, I pranced on my street motorcycle , not consequently because I wanted to razz a bicycle that morning. With my right earbud snuggly in place, I started the album from the opening track,’ the 1 ‘. The wind attained my looks ocean in the early morning air but I couldn’t assist my smile. Drivers of the cars elapsing in the opposite direction would have thought to themselves “wow, she really likes journeying a bike” or “she’s crazy”.

I manufactured my method through the Spanish countryside, trees hanging over the road, brand-new fragrances at every turn, precisely making it all in. Alone, with my motorcycle under me, I listened through the entire recording, formerly, twice, three times. I cried while listening to’ my ruptures rebound’ and’ epiphany ‘. I danced a bit for’ seven ‘,’ august ‘, and’ the last huge american empire ‘. Listening to’ conciliation ‘, I had to stop, feeling it was all too relatable.

Earlier in 2020, I had discovered the unadulterated delight of listening to brand-new music while razzing a bike. When The Chicks exhausted Gaslighter I found that listening to it on the motorcycle presented a completely different outlook on the harmony, the words, and the flavor. With no distractions other than remaining upright and conscious of traffic I could sharpen wholeheartedly on the music; I could make it ingest me. Same to reading a really good book or watching a really good movie, the music can bring you to far away plazas, to remembrances, and daydreams.

Taylor Swift’s folklore was one of very good things to come out of 2020, and dare I say, her best book to date. Gone were the endeavors at rapping and the Kidz-Bop style dance hymns( don’t get me wrong, I enjoy those as well ). It was a step back in time listening to’ betty ‘, the closest Swift has come to reach country music in almost a decade, while also signifying a new Taylor Swift age. This skip-less masterpiece got me through some of the most difficult parts of 2020 while allowing me to merely feel my feelings. Out on the bike, listening to folklore, the world doesn’t feel like such a bad place.

For the last six years, razzing a bike had been for set; there was always an culminate purpose. This is potentially the reason I never actually contacted said point- the inability to enjoy the process. For months after retire, I couldn’t even look at a superhighway motorcycle, let alone ride one. But this summer, with the help of folklore, Some Nights by Fun ., Gone Now by Bleachers, Tickets to my Downfall by Machine Gun Kelly, Gaslighter, Women in Music Pt. III by HAIM, and Fine Line by Harry Styles I is again fallen in love with the open artery and all that it can bring.

Price: The palatial explanation of folklore can be found on Apple Music for $7.99. As this album is completely and altogether magnificent when listened to all the way through, I too recommend attaining it in vinyl format, although this can be a tad more expensive.

More information: www.taylorswift.com

P.S. This was written before the freeing of folklore’s” sister book” evermore which is, in my view, another classic. I will spare you an even longer review, but you haven’t heard the last of it.

Yeti SB1 00 Beti

Having recently hung up my racing bicycle after a tumultuous few seasons trying to chase my superhighway cycling dreams, I struggled to enjoy travelling a bike. I stopped given the opportunity to even look at a bike. My road motorcycle was razed and sold for roles. In my stomach I was reassured I would be a runner; I even hired a lead manager to help me modulation. I learnt that running injuries are real.

I’ve been a big fan of Yeti since I briefly rode on their cross country MTB team in 2013. Unfortunately, that was the summer I fully discovered street racing and jettisoned going mountain bikes absolutely. But when Yeti slipped a pink women’s bike for shredding I had to have it. There was no logic involved- it was just gorgeous. I’d been going the same Yeti team bike I was given in 2013 for years, a perfectly awesome machine, but I’d never gone a 29 ” bike and the Yeti SB1 00 Beti was calling my name.

So, in 2018, I pooled all my prize money to buy it. For a year it sat in my garage, unused. At one point I took it on a spin around the block, but my blinders is currently in and road hastening was life.

Sometime around March 2020 I took my pink beauty off the wall and out on a suitable undertaking for the first time and all I can say is, WHAT. WAS. I. Envisaging !?! Sure, the previous form was fun, but it was a completely different experience ride the Yeti SB1 00 Beti. I would compare it to going your part life without tasting peanut butter and then having someone offer you a PB& J.

Long story short( or short story long ?), I didn’t buy this motorcycle in 2020, but I detected it this year.

One of its most important upsides is the dropper seat-post. Those things make all the difference in the world. I could probably bounce the rear adjournment and get by just fine on a hardtail with a dropper post. This mountain bike will ride over almost anything. The bicycle itself radiates confidence, both a praise and a doom( because as much as I ponder I can ride that plummet , no Abby, you’re not there yet ). The motorcycle is smooth as coconut milk but it can take a beating. In summary, this motorcycle is amazing.

Unfortunately, Yeti does not make this model anymore. I’ve seen it pop up on theproscloset.com before.

Price:( brand new in 2018 ): $7,999

Other items:

Brakes: SRAM Level TLM hydraulic disc Material: Carbon Travel: 120 mm( breast ), 100 mm( rear) Suspension: Button Infinity Drivetrain: SRAM X01 Eagle

Wahoo Kickr Core and indoor cycling table

In the winter of 2020, in an attempt to be able to at least ride with my groom-to-be for an hour, and still razz with my friends, I started journeying Zwift a lot. There’s a assortment of exercising intentions built into the game that I get really into completing , not knowing if there was any benefit, but it was just nice to get something done.

I’ve ridden numerous trainers in my occupation, the majority of them beings clunky things that have permanently disfigured my shins. This winter I came hold of a Wahoo Kickr Core and my roommate bought two of their indoor cycling desks to go along with our ever-expanding “Zwift Cave”.

The Kickr Core was the best trainer I’d ever experienced going. The smart surface of it worked perfectly well when connected to Zwift but what I enjoyed most was the naturalnes of use. It’s illuminated fairly for someone who strivings to carry a 6-pack of San Pellegrino upstairs and is absolutely foolproof to set up.

In addition to the trainer, the desk is an indoor ride know game-changer. I could fit my iPad( for Zwift ), my computer( for watching Supernatural ), and my water bottle on it. The altitude is adjustable so if I ever needed to work while razzing I could, and it’s on pedals so I had been able to propagandize it across the room if Sam and Dean really disturbed me.

As the pandemic continues the Kickr Core will continue being one of my go-to tools of the year. Fitness is something that acquires me happy, being confident in my body. In case we go back into lockdown here in Spain, I’m not subjects of concern my ability to get in a good workout.

Price: Wahoo Kickr Core smart instructor: $899.99, Wahoo desk: $249.99

More information: www.wahoofitness.com

Outdoor Voices+ Rapha bumbag

When I found out that Rapha and Outdoor Voices had teamed up for a line of women’s clothing this summer I was over the moon. I have long revered Outdoor Voices and their general demeanour towards exerting and body positivity, two things I conclude cycling could learn about. Or at least, I needed to learn about it. The entire collecting from the pasture t-shirts to the socks was exactly what you would expect from two such stylish labels, but what really caught my heart was the bumbag or fanny pack/ handlebar bag.

I’m pretty sure I use it the same day it came in the mail. A sandwich, my Fuji-film camera, my phone, and a give pair of socks( because are you even mountain biking if you’re not mountain biking through puddles ?) fit perfectly into the bag. For the first few journeys, I opted to use it as a bumbag, hesitating to apply it on my rails for panic of impeded steering. Eventually, I decided to try it and found that all the hipsters out there are really on to something!

The bag is beautiful enough to wear in daily life- I’ve even encountered the pattern icon of cycling Hannah Barnes wear it cross-body, something I’m sure I couldn’t pull off. At this stage, there’s no way to get the red dirt off my container, because I wear it very often. But then, that’s a sure sign of a enjoyed product.

Price: rapha.com: $80. Unfortunately, it is sold out at the moment. Cross your digits for another cross-over next year?

More information: www.rapha.cc

IRIS Cosmic Crew

I’ve known Iris Slappendel for a few years now. I was lucky enough to be her teammate in her final season of professional race and we remained in contact after she retired. It came as no surprise to anyone when she started her own cycling clothe symbol, full of colorful and catchy clothe that foreground her clevernes as a graphic designer.

This summer Iris added a line of t-shirts to her brand, all part of theSuper Future Female programme. Each of the five shirts was designed by a woman in the cycling realm- not certainly a motorcycle racer or rider, but all of them have a connection to cycling.

What is rad about the collection itself is not just the designs, which all have their own meaning and meaning, but likewise that for each shirt sold IRIS donated 5 euro to the Cyclists’ Alliance. The Alliance itself was endeavouring to see women’s cycling more than it is. Safer, equal, professional. The donations from the Super Future Female shirts were used to support up-and-coming riders.

For me, the Cosmic Crew designed by Chloe Batchelor was one of my favorite articles. Liberated after the shirts have recently been put, the gang peculiarities a kind of retro vibe. It prompted me of Futurama, one of my favorite Tv indicates. I also chuckled when I appreciate the design because it’s so recreation. To top it off the gang is super comfortable. I wear it all too often.

The Cyclists’ Alliance is a project worth supporting, and if I can support them while also scoring some sweetened paraphernalium, I’m a happy camper.

Price: $84.81

More information: www.i-ris.cc

Handup MTB gauntlets

As I mentioned already, I get really into mountain biking this year. Really into it. In the start, I was going gloveless- a combination of hating short finger mitts and merely owning a range of winter gloves.

Scrolling Instagram one day I visualized Stefano Barberi rocking some brightly-colored gloves and immediately gaped them up. I proceeded to order three duets and a shirt for my fiance for his birthday.( Side note: sponsorship operates ).

The gauntlets themselves work enormous. They fit really well, the summer ones are breathable and my hands didn’t get super sweaty in the Spanish sun while the regular ones are amazingly heated- I’ve been wearing them in the 30 -4 0 F( -1 to 5 celsius) daylights so far this winter. But what I most love about them are the designs. I’m all about pigment and pattern( perhaps you noticed) and if something serves at 80% while inspecting 100 it’s a win-win for me. These run huge, and while I do have a more pleasant duet of Gore MTB gloves, I really enjoy Handup’s schemes and the facts of the case that each scamper is a limited quantity. When they slipped the fossil gloves I stopped mid-ride and bought them immediately, lest I miss out. 9/10 for gloves, 12/10 design.

Price: Summer and regular gauntlets $29

More information: handupgloves.com

Alison Tetrick’s bandanas

Unless you’ve been living the last what may seem like a decade in the Spider-Man multiverse, you probably own a handful of face masks. In the beginning, it was up in the air whether or not one should wear a mouth treat while travelling a bicycle or extending, but I ever opted to precisely wear something. Although studies have now shown that a suitable concealment cultivates better than a bandana or neck gator there are also some articles suggesting revelation go and contracting coronavirus. Better safe than sorry, and better something than nothing. I won’t mention the “rona” anymore, but I will say, I went super into wearing a bandana while riding this summer.

I ride alone 90% of the time. Wearing a bandana was an easy way to cover my cheek rapidly if I’m riding by someone or if I’m riding through township and pass a little old lady on a bus terrace. After a while, I started to find the bandanas a stylish addition to my new post-bike racer wardrobe of t-shirts for riding.

This summer former professional superhighway bike racer and current gravel B.A. Alison Tetrick launched a collection of bandanas. Designed by the one and only Sarah Sturm of Oso Creatives, these beautiful bandanas fetched life to my cycling kits. Same to the Cosmic Crew by IRIS, Tetrick’s bandanas benefit a generate worth supporting. Proceeds from the sale of the bandanas money a award for one student-athlete at the NorCal High School Cycling League for one year.

Making cycling more accessible is key to promoting equality in the boast. We have to build it from the ground up, and Tetrick is helping to do that with her assignment. Not merely backing one potential future celebrity, but also supporting the next generation of cycling.

My favorite emblazon is yellowish and I’m from Colorado so … cowboys. Thus, one of these bandanas has been worn far too many times. All of the designs are really fun. I got the full set of three to be able to mix them with all of my outfits.

Price: Individual $20. Pack of three $55

More information: here.

Elta MD UV clear broad-spectrum SPF 46

A question I got all too often when I was hastening was “what advice would you give your younger soul? ” And I never knew. I always are of the view that I wouldn’t contribute myself any suggestion, because every decision I shaped resulted me to where I am now, and there’s no home I’d rather be.

This was before I turned 30.

Racing for years did serious damage to my skin. As someone who had never in my life had acne, I had no idea what to do when all of a sudden my face was covered in it due to the training, hormones, and probably lack of suitable nourishment. I tried tons of different commodities and procedures to get back to the flawless complexion of my youth, to no avail.

This year, during the lockdown, I has not been able to understand my aesthetician so I started researching produces to try at home. Countless YouTube videos by Skincare by Hyram told me that sunscreen was key. Hyram would be appalled to know that throughout my profession I rarely wore sunscreen. I abhorred the feeling and usually accused the sunscreens for my breakouts. Out on the road for hours and hours with nothing protecting my face , no wonder I now have maiming acne scarring. More internet research established me to Elta MD UV clear broad-spectrum SPF 46, be exploited by such contestants as Emma Coburn, the steeplechase runner.

This sunscreen is specifically for acne-prone/ confidential scalp. It gone on like a moisturizer and isn’t gooey or too white.

Without a disbelief, if I could contribute any suggestion to my younger ego I would tell her “wear your dang sunscreen! ”

Price: Elta MD UV clear broad-spectrum SPF 46 at Dermstore: $36

More information: www.dermstore.com

Camping coffee setup

At some spot during the course of its pandemic, when it was encouraged to see other humen outdoors rather than inside coffee shops, I started carrying my camping chocolate setup in a knapsack on hour-long razzes. While it is pretty inconvenient, it realized for a really fun time. Plus, everyone knows chocolate flavours better manufactured in the lumbers. Friends would chortle when I evidenced up for a road travel in spandex with a small backpack, but once I had procreated them a” camp coffee” the jokes stopped, and a few of my people even got their own setups.

For the most part, I expended this on feet, especially in the woodlands of Latvia. During the early winter, I was lucky enough to spend six weeks in the Latvian forests. My fiance’s home is 2.5 km from the Baltic sea, so while I was in two weeks of quarantine and he was out razzing I would step to the beach, make a coffee, and accompany residence. Or congregate him on his mountain bike ride and share a brew with him.( The settles in Latvia for quarantine upon reaching extended to the forest, lucky me ).

The setup I have at home in the USA is my favorite, the Jetboil system. The Jetboil is sweet because everything fits inside the pot and it’s super secure and easy to use. In Europe, however, “were having” the Komplekts Crux Lite setup( purchased in Latvia ). This includes an Optimus pot duo and a Gabali stove. Likewise, a must is some kind of coffee-making apparatus. My go-to is the Kalita Wave because it’s metal so it can be banged around and it’s light-colored which is key with an already cumbersome place. I go for the full shebang and grind my coffee beans roadside, but this is definitely not obligatory.

Price: Jetboil $84.95, Komplekts Crux Lite $72.67, Kalita Wave price will differ but roughly $25, and I recommend coffee from a local roastery. If you don’t know of one in your sphere, tweet at me and I’ll locate you one!

More information: How to brew a Kalita Wave coffee.

Velocio Microdomal Trail Tee

If you’ve made it this far in my evaluation you may have noticed that I took to mountain biking quite often in 2020. So, it will come as no surprise that one of my favorite entries comes from Velocio’s line of route wear. They got a few awesome bits in the collection; the Micromodal Trail Tee is 86% modal, 12% elastane, and 2% carbon making for a soft and moveable fabric.

This Tee is incredibly cozy. I wear it when I lope and hike as well. It cleans well( despite the puckers which I will explain shortly ). In general, it’s just a quality slouse of dres. Amongst my razz buddies it is considered ” cool” to confine it at the bottom, hence the puckers in the photo. Usually, it drys a lot smoother, in such instances, it was rinsed while restrained, most unrecommended.

Also in the trail lineup is the Radiator Tank and Tee, both of which are incredible in the hot summertime months.

Price: $89.00

More information: Micromodal Trail Tee

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