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The Academic passage’ The Changing Role Of Airports’ is a reading passage that appeared in an IELTS Test. Read the piece below and answer questions 14 – 26. Beyond the issue, you will find the answers along with the spot of the answers in the move and the keywords that help you find out the answers.

The Changing Role Of Airports

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Answers Question quantity Answer Keywords Location of keywords

14 E online airfield cross-examine, requirement and use of gratify equipment, 68% of these reacted “yes”, likely to invest in them during the next five years, 49% of respondents agreed that they are able to invest resources in the near future. The entirety of clause E

15 B proliferating commercial-grade revenues, extending the merchandising space, have already been tried to their limit at many airfields. Section B ;P TAGEND

Lines 2- 3;

16 G Average revenue per airport was just $12,959 , non-aeronautical generator of airport receipt, 1 % of respondents engendered more than 20% non-aeronautical revenue , nothing produced more than 40% Paragraph G ;P TAGEND

Lines 1- 5;

17 A developing commercial-grade incomes has become more challenging for airfields, increased competition from Internet shopping, restricted to particular sales, brand-new certificate procedures, those that are travelling generally have less coin to spend, the pressures to control the level of aeronautical incomes are as strong, the poor monetary state of many airlines, the rapid rise of the low-cost carrier sector. The entirety of paragraph A

18 C airports have been developing and expanding the range of services that are, render business centres that supply support services, convene or conference rooms and other seat for special events, dedicated fulfills facilities located within the terminal as a practice to reconvert vacated or underused the sector of terminal and finagled directly by the airport inns, other facilities that had the potential to take on this persona and become active as a business space The totality of paragraph C

19 Security procedure new defence procedures, impact on the abide occasion of passengers. Clause A ;P TAGEND

Lines 3- 4

20 Final destination At the present stage of facilities proviso, the airport also has the possibility of talking on the role of the final destination rather than simply a facilitator of access. Paragraph B ;P TAGEND

Last 3 texts

21 airlines When an airfield spot can be promoted as a business venue, is rising the overall plead of the airport, help it become more competitive in both attracting and retaining airlines and their fares. Paragraph D;

Lines 1- 3

22 Competitive advantage presence of fulfill facilities, one of the determining factors, when business people are choosing airlines and where they change their airliners, augmented attractiveness, improve the airport operator’s financial position and future prospects, is contingent upon the competitive advantage that the airport is able to achieve in comparison with other venues. Clause D;

Lines 3- 8

23 Economic downturn/ atmosphere online airfield inspection, provision and use of session facilities, 68% of these reacted “yes”, likely to invest in them during the next five years, 49% of respondents was of the view that they would invest resources in the immediate future, fairly high balances considering the recent fiscal environment. The whole of Paragraph E ;P TAGEND

Particularly the last line

24 Five times 28% of respondents that did not have filling facilities, likely to invest in them during the next five years. Clause E ;P TAGEND

Lines 6 -7

25 Local( parties) 63% of respondents calculated, over 60% of users are from the local area. Paragraph F ;P TAGEND

Lines 4- 5

26 flights 16% of respondents forecasted, none of the users of their engagement equipment expends pushes when proceeding to or from them Paragraph F ;P TAGEND

Lines 7 -8

Also check 😛 TAGEND

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