The New Rules For Building A Health Practice in 2021

January 25, 2021 The New Rules For Building A Health Practice in 2021

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f you speak to most health professionals, they will tell you that they are burnt out. The rationalization being is that their business model is based on trading hours for dollars, virtually getting paid for their period and not their knowledge.

At Healthpreneur, “were having” coined this” The Medical Matrix “. As a health professional stuck in the “matrix” if you take any time off whether it’s for state concludes or trip, your practice is not generating revenue.

As a state practitioner, you have a lot of knowledge and as such you are able to get paid for what you know , not only for what you do. By exerting your intellectual property to help your patients improve between calls, you’re getting paid even though you are not physically with your patients.

Needless to say, 2020 was a big wake up that we had to change the road we do business or go out of business. Those modifications are not going away anytime soon.

In this incident you’ll discover how to break out of” The Medical Matrix” and the brand-new way you can treat patients, constitute more money, have more freedom without burning yourself out.

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In This Episode I discuss 😛 TAGEND

00: 00- 06:46 — The Medical Matrix

06: 46- 14:40 — Get Paid For What You Know

14: 40- 23:20 — The COVID Wake Up Call From 2020

23: 20- 26:56 — A New Way Of Treating Patients

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Dr. David Jocker is a doctor of natural medicine, functional nutritionist and a corrective caution chiropractor.

Over the years while rolling a brick and mortar clinic, he had also been building an online business publishing aspect material together with several successful online curricula.

Dr. Jockers talks about how he began writing articles for his blog and other places and has built quite the library of content over the years which had grown exponentially and has attracted worldwide attention.

After David graduated from Chiropractic School, like most students, he was broke and had student indebtednes be paying. He putting in place what little coin he had on a clinic and had then began acquiring money from credit cards to open his clinic which he had lived out of for the first 2 years of his rehearse. With all the debt risk he took, failing was not an option and had really worked on himself mentally to not be gripped by horror.

After having sold his clinic, as an online entrepreneur, David now enjoys more freedom in “peoples lives” than ever before.

Connect with Dr. Jockers

https :// drjockers.com/

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