The SmallBizChat Podcast: Support is Sexy with Elayne Fluker

Support is Sexy with Elayne Fluker 1200 x 1200Elayne Fluker is the legion of the Support is Sexy podcast, a testify with more than 800,000 downloads and listeners worldwide. She is the founder of SiS academy, an online understand platform for pitch-black brides entrepreneurs. Through her consulting bureau Chich Rebellion, Elayne and her unit assistant black female business leaders elevate their label and flourish their businesses through conclude leadership and compelling material. Elaine is the author of the most anticipated notebook, Got to get’ I Got It ‘: How to Stop Playing Superwoman, Get Support and Remember That Having It All Doesn’t Mean Doing It All Alone, came to see you in May 2021

Today, Elaine and I discuss how she detected her heat for encouraging others to seek support. She shares her thinking on the” having everything there is” mindset and why you should be defining what that means for you. She explores why we often find it hard to ask for support and how having the freedom marriage offers an opportunity to. She highlights the different self-care elements in business and the common attributes of the most successful female business leaders. She likewise shares why tolerating opening for faithfulnes in your business is vital and how having mentors and other subsistence will provide you with the framework provided by success.

” Maybe you can do it for yourself, but how wonderful would it be to be open to the universe trying to send support your room .”- Elayne Fluker

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How Elaine spotted her fondnes for supporting others How” having it all” should be something self-defined Why it can be hard to ask for buoy How the title spouse can help you “I got it syndrome ,” what it is and how you can evaded it How you can be more open to support The different facets of self-care in business Attributes of the most successful female business leaders Why gossips and opportunities for honesty are essential within your business Who Elaine ogles up to for mentorship and revelation How to create the freedom patronize framework for you and your business

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Abundance Now by Lisa Nichols Acts of Faith: Daily Meditation for People of Color by Iyanla Vanzant A Blessing by Bonita C Adams and Jacqueline Adams

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