The Types of Massage and Benefits of Each

Massage therapy offers incredible benefits straying from pleasurable relaxation to pain management. But those who are new to the world of bodywork are often overwhelmed once they see how many different types of rubs there are. If you’re wondering which species is right for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Swedish Massage

This type of massage is the foundation of many other types of massages. During this massage, your rub healer will often perform soft, long, rubbing strokes, peppered with light, sounding strokings on occasion. This type of massage is a great choice for anyone looking for a relaxing experience. This type of rub can help with 😛 TAGEND

Pain relief

A penetrating, soothing ordeal

Reduction in suspicion and recession

Full-body massage

Relax and rehabilitate sore muscles

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Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage is similar to a Swedish massage but involves deeper persuade in order to more effectively release muscular tension. During a late material rub conference, your rub healer will apply pressure to various seams of muscle, tendons and materials deep within your surface. This type of massage can help with 😛 TAGEND

Relieving chronic tendernes

Strained back, neck or other muscles

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Pain due to working out or bodybuilding

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Sports Massage

This type of massage is crafted solely for athletes. During this massage, your massage healer will be comprised of Swedish massage techniques with pulling, provoke target regiman and more, depending on your position of pain. This type of massage can help with 😛 TAGEND

Muscle loosening

Reducing tension

Improving the gathering of soft tissue

Increasing your reach of motion

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Stretch Massage

This type of massage is made to help improve your series of motion and compliment your rub. During this massage, your rub therapist will compound regular massage techniques with assisted stretching to alleviate strain on your seams. This type of rub can help with 😛 TAGEND

Enhanced flexibility

Improved posture

Increased range of flow

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Hot Stone

During this type of massage, your massage therapist shapes squander of warmed stones. The stones may be placed on key points of the body or held by the therapist as an extension of their hands. The reaction is a warming effect that melts apart stress as their own bodies is massaged. This type of rub can help with 😛 TAGEND

Muscle loosening

Pain relief

Ease of mental stress and anxiety

Improved flexibility

Increased circulation

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Trigger Point Massage

This type of massage is targeted to relieve aching and symmetry your torso from front to toe. During this rub, your massage therapist will pulsate or press rhythmically on a particular area of their own bodies to locate the nodules, then gently apply pressure to release irked tissue. This type of massage can help with any of the following injuries 😛 TAGEND

Sciatica hurting

Plantar fasciitis

Shin splints


Chronic joint pain

Rotator cuff traumata

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Aromatherapy Massage – AromaRitual( r)

This type of massage is designed to balance your thought and form in one effective massage treatment. During this rub, your rub healer will be implemented by critical oils to enhance your rub therapy know. We render the following types of aromatherapy 😛 TAGEND

Energize – a stimulating and refreshing suffer

Calm – Ease muscle pain, relieve headaches and appreciation of calm

Refresh – Deeply relax and recharge

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Prenatal Massage

This type of massage is the excellent behavior to pamper and nourish your organization, while remedy stress and promoting relaxation. To learn more about prenatal massage click here.

Cupping Therapy

This type of massage relies on negative distres, creating suction to the skin to improve circulation and promote healing. This type of massage can help to 😛 TAGEND

Relieve spasm muscles

Release joint stiffness

Reduce inflammation

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Integrative Reflexology

This type of massage influences pressure points to improve overall health and wellbeing. This management eases muscular hostility, improves dissemination and equips a deep smell of loosening. To informed about integrative reflexology massage click here.

Massage has beneficial effects on both their own bodies and knowledge. Those advantages are amplified when rub is received regularly. To learn about our Wellness Program, click here.

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