The Ultimate Guide for Restarting Your Fitness Journey (5 Steps to Respawn Today!)

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Today we’re going to tell you exactly how to restart your fitness journey.

Whether this is the first time you’ve had to ” respawn” or the 50 th, you’re in the right place.

We help tribes restart their exercise or nutrition routines as part of our 1-on-1 Online Coaching Program…and we’re really freaking good at it! Today, we’ll share with you the same policies we deploy with them.

This time can be different. Learn how a NF Coach can help.

Here’s what we’ll cover 😛 TAGEND

Why It’s Okay to Start Again Restarting Step 1: Forgive Yourself Restarting Step 2: What Went Wrong ? Restarting Step 3: Change a Variable Restarting Step 4: Respawn Restarting Step 5: Supercharge Your Results Get Back in the Fight( Next Steps )

Let’s do this.

Why It’s Okay to Start Again

The Iron Giant with a flower

So you fell out of the wagon already.

Welcome to the club.

It’s announced “being human! ”

There are like 7 billion of us.

A gif saying

So how did I know you probably fell out of the fitness wagon once?

Because statistically speaking, MOST parties have already abandoned or missed out on a lot of the resolutions they’ve list for 2021. [ 1 ] Seriously.

However, have no fear. Since we treat life as a videogame around these roles, we’re all very comfortable with restarting or “respawning.”

First, we must…


A LEGO and her dog

I heard a podcast interrogation recently about a mortal who had made a huge realization through insuring a therapist.

Specifically, their therapist asked them “Would you talk to somebody the style you talk to yourself? ”

I stake the answer is a RESOUNDING “No.”

Nobody deserves that various kinds of abuse.

We’re often our own worst critic and our own bad adversary 😛 TAGEND

Do you know that voice in your foreman, that one calling you a loser or a flop?

Treat it like a different person.

You’re under no obligation to listen to it! It’s not you.

“Oh you think I’m a piece of s ** and that’s why I can’t stick with a workout number? I dissent strongly. I might have some flaws, but I’m here, and I’m still trying. So shut up and get out of my way.”

You’re reading this, which means you’re trying. Forgive yourself. Then move on.


A LEGO scientist

Your goal of works out 2 hours a day and only ingesting Keto miscarried after three weeks.


You conducted an experiment that did not have the results you expected.

That’s neither a good nor a bad thing. Like any other experiment, it precisely … IS.

So write down specific what your experiment involved.

What did “youre trying to” do?

I was going to exercise every day. I was going to run a mile each morning. I was going to eat solely Paleo every day.

Look at your roll: this is a combination of variables that don’t work for your lifestyle.

SIDENOTE: Learning from the millions of people that have come through Nerd Fitness over the past decade, my guess is that your experiment didn’t work out for one of two reasons 😛 TAGEND

Your goals were too vague: “I should exercise more this year”- For how long? How often? What kind of exert? You tried to change ALL the things: feed 1,800 calories a era( instead of your ordinary 3,000 ), go moving five days a week( when you don’t usage at all now ), and get 8 hours of sleep a darknes( naturally you get 5 ).


You’re reading this guide, which would pass me to believe you’re interested in trying again to lose weight and get in shape.

To eschewed getting the same develops, we need to change the variables in the experiment to try and get different results.

You know…

For your next strive consider adjusting one of the following variables.

Remember, any good experiment has accurate estimations for their changing influences! You don’t simply threw “some uranium” in a thermonuclear reactor. You know the exact amount.

We need to be exact with your variables.

Let me give you some suggestions 😛 TAGEND

Change the practise variable: Did you actually enjoy the exercise you attempted? If you discovered that you hate operating, great! Never do that again. “Exercise suctions, ” so I would pick something you actually enjoy. Try a substitute rather than addition: ADDING a brand new exercise routine into a busy schedule can be really challenging. Fortunately, you can focus on substituting or computing in a manner that was that doesn’t take up more age: nutrition! How you devour is 80 -9 0% of the weight-loss equation, and you’re previously feeing every day. So focus on substituting a vegetable for fries once a few weeks, or swapping sparkling water for soda. You are also welcome to preserve a food journal and convert up your breakfast twice a week. Adjust your “win scenario”: I get it. You were able to train in your residence gym for the first few weeks of this year, going for at least an hour. But THEN…work went hectic. And you simply had 30 times, which wasn’t enough time to get through your workout. So why not set the triumph scenario at “30 minutes,” or “15 minutes,” or exactly” 1 use “? Lower the bar!

This is a 10 -year journey we’re on here, so the effort itself is not nearly as important as building a number of working out that fits into your life. Lower the bar for what a “win” situation is.

Example: if you roll out your yoga matting for 1 change of 1 employ, it weighs as a prevail. Doesn’t matter if did a full hour workout or precisely a 5 minute provide of push-ups. It all counts.


A LEGO at Blacksmith

When you play a challenging video game, you’re going to die. A bunch.( I died literally thousands when playing Hollow Knight, one of my favorite tournaments in recent memory ).

What happens after you die in a game?

You respawn, and try again!

You’ve learned a new tactic or decoration. You have a new skill. You’ve unveiled trade secrets. Or you’ve just gotten better. So you try, again.

And again.

And again.

And when you finally replaced?

Nirvana. Adulation. Pure joy.

A gif of fireworks from Mario

There’s no disgrace in disappointing when it comes to weight loss. We have several hundreds of narratives of those persons who kept disappointing, but maintained reading and trying, and then finally- something clicked.

And that next aim is the one that converted their life’s path. Like Joe, who constituted like a dozen weight-loss attempt until he modified the privilege variable and get arises 😛 TAGEND

Joe's before and after

So try again today.

Keep these things in recollection when restarting your fitness travel 😛 TAGEND

Change your nutrition variable- try calorie counting instead of Paleo or vice versa. Convert your workout variable- try strength training instead of running. Focus on build the chore by making use of the’ make scenario’ super small-minded.

Write down your intention, and start executing.


A LEGO Blacksmith

I know hacking your ventures to get better data isn’t precisely “scientifically smart” or “morally responsible, ” but I’m the one writing this email and I have more important stuff to say. So you’re just gonna have to deal with it.

Once you start your new experiment, here’s how you can stack the deck in your indulgence 😛 TAGEND

# 1) Write everything down. Write down your workouts. Write down what you eat. Treat it like a science experimentation, and you’re collecting data! Plan ahead. Be PRO-active( “I will do Strength Training Workout A at 4pm and tonight I’ll have cooked chicken and bacon-wrapped asparagus) instead of RE-active( “What should I do for exercise right now? ” and “Ah, what’s for dinner? Oooh, Burger King! ”)

# 2) Recruit allies to your team. Don’t get this alone, as you’re more likely to succeed based on the people you spend time with and hang around. So recruit allies. Start spending more hour with healthy beings that empower you( even practically ), rather than unhealthy people that allow you and drag you down. Join a feeing group online. Find a lifting “accountabilibuddy,” or someone you can check in with.

# 3) Hire a professional. There are two types of coaches worth the speculation 😛 TAGEND

An in-person trainer if you are looking to supercharge your form on specific efforts like Olympic promotes, squats, deadlifts, etc. An in-person trainer can be good for parties that it was necessary to the accountability of somebody they’ve paid to meet them in the gym. Although to be honest, with the ongoing pandemic, gym availability and safety can be hit or miss. An online coach that represents mobile, worldwide accountability. I’ve had a coach for 6 years and it’s changed my life. Knowing that I have a workout and nutrition programme to follow each day is game-changing.


An old mandrill called Rafiki once coached me: “Yes, the past can hurt. But you can either run from it, or learn from it .”

Okay perhaps he taught that to Simba in The Lion King, but I very learned the same lesson 😛 TAGEND


Forgive yourself. You wouldn’t talk to somebody else the direction you talk to yourself, so have some freaking sorrow. You’re trying.

Identify what experiment you Really tried. Write down what you believe went wrong over the past few weeks. Congrats – you found a strategy that doesn’t work.

Pick a brand-new path, try a different variable. A good scientist meticulously tracks their data and writes down their hypothesis. I would change the following items 😛 TAGEND

Exercise: do less- focus on building the programme and doing it consistently. Nutrition: vary little. If you couldn’t stick with a diet for 3 weeks, it was too restrictive. Try a different path. Make scenario: don’t let “perfect” be the opponent of “good.”

And then try again.

You and this sheep both now know how to follow a plant-based diet. But you'll have to eat more than grass.

If you miss help here, I have two perfect ways to respawn today.

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Alright, that does it for me today.

For the Rebellion!


PS: If you demand more tips-off and jokes on how to stick to your goals this year, check out 5 Hacks to Effortlessly Build Healthy Habits in 2021.


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