Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition delivers a healthy dose of absurdity

The PS4 opening of the Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition is here, and we can’t wait for you to experience the huge amount of brand-new material coming your direction. This is by far the biggest release we’ve ever done, including four massive stretches, two massive component compress, and a free update with some of the most popular community solicited facets. There’s never been a better time to grab a stethoscope and start building your very own healthcare empire!

Head to the Pointy Mountains with neighbourhood personality, Bartholomew F Yeti, in the Bigfoot expansion, flame a sterilised road through the tropical islands with Wiggy Silverbottom in Pebberley Island, or take on the latest and greatest challenges in the two newest expansions to punch consoles: Close Encounters and Off the Grid.

We know, we know …” Aliens in a hospice recreation ?!”,” eco-warrior legislators in a hospital competition !? ” It’s probably fair to say you might have some questions before you jump in to solve inscrutable alien schemes, or help the Mayor reach the county dark-green again … for the first time. So why not grab a container of the cheesiest gubbins you can find and put your feet up although some of our lovely decorators, Harry Puttock and Sam Webley talk you through the brand-new adventures that await you in our beloved little Two Point County.

Close encounters

Harry Puttock: Alien plots might reverberate a little ” out there” for a hospital sim competition, but we really wanted to go for something a little more fantastical and push the boat out, which is exactly what we did for Close Encounters. The basis of the idea came from our Creative Director, Gary Carr after watching far too many conspiracy TV registers on Roswell, Area 51 and the like.

Sam Webley: Close Encounters has three brand new provinces: there’s Goldpan, a small town where rumours of a UFO crash landing began, Camouflage Falls, a city that doesn’t really exist, housing a big armed cornerstone, and Chasm 24, a secret government facility. The degrees truly do go from strange happenings to full-blown government cover-ups as you get deeper and deeper into this crazy conspiracy.

Harry: Throughout the DLC you’ll be encountering lots of different space-themed healths. My personal favourite being Lack of Humanity, where you’re actually turning these immigrants into people so they can integrate with society in Two Point County. It’s quite a nice twist, because the DLC starts by reveal these foreigners that are trying to infiltrate your hospices, and following the adjournment of it you’re helping them stay here rather than moving them dwelling.

Sam: You can’t talk about illnesses in Close Encounters without mentioning Bowhine though. Patients with this illness have become unenamoured with being human, opting to spend their time in plains pretending to be cows. You need to treat them before they get abducted by aliens! I’m not saying you should intentionally not treat them … but it’s pretty merriment to watch a UFO snatch someone dressed up as a cow.

Harry: There are some really cool brand-new gameplay auto-mechanics in this DLC as well, like the Robo-Janitors. In Chasm 24( the game’s 24 th statu, did anybody get that …?) you’ll need your Robo-Janitors to maintain big mechanical stabilisers that foreclose earthquakes and other bad things from had taken place in your hospitals. A plenty of sci-fi technology seems very impressive, but you don’t always get a great sense of what it does. Sure, it has a lot of suns, and an enormous button, but what’s it for? The Robo-Janitors are high-tech, but also immensely practical. Every Robo-Janitor has a unique name. My favourite is Sweepy Leroux. The finest brooms-man in Two Point County.

Sam: Don’t forget the actual aliens themselves. Fraction of your operation in Goldpan is to find aliens trying to infiltrate your infirmary. You might notice patients acting strangely, perhaps they’ve not gone to reception or perhaps they’re rummaging through buckets( because we all know real-life foreigners do that … right ?), or their cloaking invention glitches a little. If you see anything like that, you’ll need to send the ” patient ” residence to disclose the foreigner hiding in plain sight. It might seem a little aim, but if they disappear unnoticed, it can start to mess with your hospitals.

Off the Grid

In Two Point County, voter study has repeatedly suggested that the public’s number one concern is with the environmental issues. To procure her arrange in bureau … ahem, we represent, to support the green-minded community, Two Point County’s ever-present mayor, Tabitha Windsock, founded the Department of Green Things. She recently discovered it pays to go light-green in this time of good voter polling, so she goes on a campaign trail to tell the world she’ll provide healthcare for everyone participating in her initiative because frankly…the dead can’t vote.

Sam: The core feeling for Off the Grid was environmentalism. The first grade, Wanderoff, is almost like a big hippy-commune and focuses on health and wellbeing of staff, patients, and your hospice attractiveness to generate money. The second rank, Old Newpoint, is a little town where people have opted for an older way of life, to the point where they’ll knock down age-old constructs and improve newer ones to form them search older. In Old Newpoint you’ll grow your own food, which puts persuade on your hospital’s layout and immensity, as the food and sea will require a lot of dedicated room in your infirmaries. The final tier, Windsock, is a giant eco-city that the Mayor has, unusually meekly, built exploiting tax-payer’s money. Windsock City doesn’t rely on the usual means of power. Instead, you’ll need to build lettuce force machines to stay switched-on and self-sufficient. Each of your light-green vigor machines, whether it’s a jazz turbine, solar battery or hydro-dam, will increase the supremacy ability of the hospital.

Harry: I’m a big fan of the illnesses in Off the Grid, they’re all awfully earthy! A mint of camping and nature-based maladies. I like Woodworms, where sufferers look like little wooden dolls, the antidote for this is essentially being devoured and spat out by a giant whale. There’s Roadstool, Bodily Druids, Stumble Bum and my personal favourite, Chocolate Shorts. Forgive the expression, but I was sitting on Chocolate Shorts for approximately one year before organizing to get it into the game.

Sam: It’s all about disappearing light-green in Off the Grid. Ignoring that could lead to sanctions. So, ever remember to arrange lots of recycling buckets, germinate your own food in all levels and situate lots of greenery around the hospitals, otherwise you might find yourself losing money when labour inspectors comes your course!

We’re super agitated for you to jump in and start building your very own healthcare empire, so what are you waiting for him! The Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition is out today on PlayStation 4.

Scrub up, we’ll see you on the ward.

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