What Having Anxiety Feels Like

Anxiety feels like everything is your fault, someone broke a glass? Your fault! Someone cancelled means on you? Your fault, everything is your fault!

Anxiety feels like you’re a television and someone else has the remote! You have no control over what to watch or what to do!

Anxiety may seem like everyone detests you! You say hello to someone and they just say hi back, they dislike you!

Anxiety feels like when you’re sitting back on your chair but the chair virtually comes over but you catch yourself time in time! Yeah anxiety feels like that awarenes for hours after hours but for no reason at all!

Anxiety feels like you can never trust your own feelings because they are constantly lying to you!

Anxiety feels like everything goes wrong, well because suspicion clears everything go wrong for you!

Anxiety feels like a race track in my psyche but a hasten that never stops or discontinues and the cars in the race are negative expects extending round and round the way.

Anxiety feels like someone smacked you in the dresser over and over and over again haphazardly out of nowhere.

Anxiety may seem like a close-fisted braid in your gut that no matter how hard to try to untie you can’t!

Anxiety feels like a articulate in the back of your brain telling something bad is going to happen no matter how safe you feel.

Anxiety feels like you’re constantly pitching and turning at night unable to fall asleep!

Anxiety feels like you’re alone in macrocosm with millions of beings in it!

Anxiety feels like you wish you could be ordinary and like everyone else.


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