When culture just clicks — how PointClickCare got culture right with Achievers

PointClickCare is no stranger to innovation. Their technology aims to transform healthcare with cloud-based software that has a meaningful impact on people’s lifetimes. And so, it was natural for the organization to seek a platform partner that could help to transform employee engagement at PointClickCare and nurture a corporate culture focused on both parties and performance.

To reach and engage their more than 1,800 hires, PointClickCare partnered with Achievers to fulfill three main objectives 😛 TAGEND

Establish a program that would be readily approved and accessible to everyone Create a culture of recognizing that increased beyond the program’s borders Engage leadership in acceptance across the organization

Culture as their competitive advantage

PointClickCare’s founder and CEO believes that culture is the single competitive advantage for any organization. And to get culture right, you have to be deliberate about it.

The organization competently specified their hire involvement planned iCare, recognizing and rewarding works with both social and points-based recognition based on company evaluates 😛 TAGEND

Day Brightener — Team Player — Solution Solver — You Rock People — Passion — Performance

PointClickCare centered their program around promoting peer-to-peer recognition in performance of milestones such as birthdays and service anniversaries. To allow for customization, districts procreated their own modules to help reinforce behaviors specific to the respective team’s success.

Building on the buzz and task around creating a culture of approval, PointClickCare decided to launch a company-wide event, the iCare Awards, to celebrate the employees who imparted and received the greatest number of identifications during the past year. And they didn’t let the onset of the pandemic is prevented from hosting their red carpet-style event. PointClickCare took their gifts virtual, equipping a critical touchpoint for their employees in the early days of the pandemic and creating an opportunity for real-time joining and shared experience between hires during a difficult time.

The impact: Throughout the week of the iCare Awards, PointClickCare employees sent an average of 1.2 acknowledgments each — a 1,209% increase from the week prior. And, the allotments rendered a 123% increase in social acknowledgments across the platform YoY. This initiative had a truly amazing — and immediate — impact.

It’s a go for additional online campaigns

Keen to harness the benefit of centralizing their other company-wide planneds, PointClickCare migrated additional celebrations into iCare, including: wellness campaigns, milestone moments highlighting busines commemorations, and hire acknowledgment week.

The incorporation of these initiatives into their Achievers platform not only plan a consistent suffer and central hub for all things hire involvement — it also allowed for reporting and revelation into the impacts of their efforts. For instance, following employee familiarity week, monthly active consumers on the platform spiked by 62% over the previous month and has remained 24% higher than their baseline ever since.

Evident bang

With 99% of PointClickCare employees having activated their details and 100% activating among directors, the iCare has become an intrinsic part of their busines culture. The platform has even become a staple in their cafeteria, where a large screen displays their live newsfeed of recognitions transported and received.

Uptake of the program has led to discernible impacts on employee engagement. Following the implemented to their Achievers program, PointClickCare employee engagement tallies registered under 89% — a tally that hits the best-in-class standard of 86 %. The administration has also advanced their engagement cross-examine to include a focus on recognition with questions such as, “My direct overseer requires me with acceptance for good work.” To this question, works responded with a 85% positive rating, putting the organization on par with the best-in-class top 10% world standard. These representations are merely the beginning of what is sure to be an exemplary employee date and recognition travel for PointClickCare and their people.

A bright future

Recognized as one of Canada’s Most Admired Cultures by Waterstone, PointClickCare continues to strive for excellence in championing hire engagement through frequent and meaningful recognition.

The organization is projected to repeat the success of their iCare Awards by integrating other corporate conduct recognition awards into their program. Also in the works is the allowance for even more celebration through new quarterly awards.

To find out what other initiatives are on the horizon for PointClickCare, download and speak their terminated purchaser case study.

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