Why Is It So Important to Drink Water?

Dennis Y. Elements West Chester

“In general, the body benefits from proper hydration. But after a rub it’s particularly important to suck lots of water. Consuming water will help the kidneys and other parts process the various elements which is going through our figures on a regular basis. Drinking water before and after a massage realizes it easier for your healer to play-act late office because the muscles are easier to influence. Think dry sponge versus soaked sponge.”

Alicia A. Elements Costa Mesa

“Drinking water after rubs aids the kidneys and pancreas process and flush poisons from the body after they’ve been released into bloodstream. It too re-hydrates the muscles with new oxygenated cells to increase repair of muscle fibers after they’ve been rubbed. And it can prevent you from coming sore the following morning. Especially after depth tissue rub, muscles get dehydrated. When muscles are dehydrated they get extremely sore and tight.”

Colleen O. Elements Louisville East

“Water is hugely important for all kinds of reasons. It’s safe to say that although many causes influence the percentages, our torsoes are made primarily of water. So when we aren’t replenishing it on a regular basis, our person doesn’t operate as well as it could.

“Being dehydrated can exhaust your vitality and acquire you feel tired and dizzy. One of the biggest culprits of numerous headaches is actually dehydration. Drinking the right amount of liquid for your person type can be a quick way to keep those headaches at bay.

“Drinking water is also great way to keep healthy-looking skin and can help with countless digestive difficulties. It’s precisely a great way to keep our figures performing at peak performance.”

Brandon H. Elements Chandler/ Ahwatukee

“All cellular affair is based on water levels. So saving hydrated and drinking water regularly leads to a healthier body.”

Tracey D. Elements West Plano

“Because our organizations are at least 75% spray, we use it up and need more to keep from becoming toxic. Dehydration forms you feel bad and over an extended period of time cases many health problems.”

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